Breaking__Badger's application for Mod on rivendell
Minecraft Username:Breaking__Badger

How long have you played Minecraft: 5+ years 
What brought you to MineTexas: I was in search of a small friendly community. I had no clue what civilizations was but once I played on MineTexas  for a while I bought Civ 5.
Prior Experience: I am an admin on a small server called KarmaCity. 
What makes you qualified to be a mod: I am patient with people, I have the experience, and also I am good with this plugin and would easily be able to direct a person the right way or tell them the correct command for something they might be trying to do.
Why you, and not anyone else: It can only be me because not everyone else knows the commands as well as I do. I have been playing on MineTexas for 4+ years. I am also familiar with the MineTexas Civ Craft Wiki. I am the one who would be able to help out others the best.
Languages you are fluent in: I am only entirely fluent in English, but I am taking a Spanish class so I know some Spanish. Not enough to have a conversation though.

Thank you: I just would like to Thank you for taking the time to read over this. I hope I get accepted because I fell like. I would be a great help and addition to the community. Also I am on Discord if you need to contact me. My Discord name is Breaking__Badger. Thanks again!

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