J_M_Rustler, Pre-Dupe God base revealed and leaked.
Part 1- Building the beast

After finishing my section of a group base that I had started with NathanD999, PIEFROMHEAVIN, Syntality, ProxyFox, mdmii, and later Nulz, I decided to head off on my alt account, J_M_Rustler and start a solo base (this is why my N3xtlevel IGN was rarely seen online after I started the new base) So 5 months ago, with the nether roof open, I hopped up and autowalked out to 1m, then headed off the axis 250k and settled my base in a desert. My whole goal with the base was simple- construct the most efficient base possible, and become rich AF.

Upon founding the base I set out to build a villager breeder, then a series of Iron Farms to give me the crazy amounts of iron I would need in all my future auto farms etc. 

[Image: EEPQykK.png]

As seen in the image above, I stacked 3 farms in 4 towers, totaling 12 Iron farms.
With these Iron farms cranking out copious amounts of Iron, I was able to start my next build at the base, a large auto sorter.
[Image: zQwBoXV.png]
This system sorted 120 different items, I loved the design I came up with for this, each tile, or section had 6 items, 3 aside, this meant that although it was large room, it was relatively compact for a sorter, and I didn't have to move much to reach different chests.

Now that I had solved the bane of every minecrafters existence- Inventory management, I decided to work towards my goal of being rich AF. Now, with this being 4 months ago at this stage, trading was near its peak, the economy was booming, and as with RL economic systems, on MT there was room for exploit. I found a design online for a crazy effeicent melon and pumpkin auto farm, and built two of them.[Image: DxQ9dB7.png]
These farms were, and still are crazy efficient. In fact they are so powerful I had to construct this behemoth of a storage system to cope with all the items.[Image: 4pPetm0.png]
I never counted how many double chests were in that storage system, but it was in the hundreds. With this stupid amount of melons and pumpkins in hand, I got myself a God farmer villager, with the best trades and began trading like crazy for emeralds. I'm certain to this day that I have crafted more emeralds than anyone else in MT. On multiple occasions I crashed the MT economy by dumping 20 or so stacks of emerald blocks on the market. This was months before the dupe, so with this pump and dumping I was doing on the trading scene, often through proxies, I was able to buy anything, in and quantity I wanted, so long as there was a trader selling it. 
 Around this stage I constructed a set of 4 auto potion brewers, these things were one of the most helpful thongs I made. They brew a dub of potions, then refil the chest whenever you take a potion out.[Image: XpXbnEv.png]

With my new found wealth from emeralds, I set out to build more shit. It takes money to make money, so with that in mind, I hired multiple players to mine out all the end towers so I could create this beast-
[Image: hDrP2QS.png]200 maxed sized portals to make one heck of a gold farm. At the time, to my knowledge this was the biggest on the server, I know the Valar boys have one much larger now days, but I'm pretty sure this was the biggest for quite a few months, maybe even during all pre dupe days. This farm doesn't use water streams, I ride a minecart in a loop. Aggroed pigmen run at me and fall to their death. This way of gold farming allowed me to cram 200 portals into an area that simply wouldn't work if you were using the traditional trapdoor/water canal design. TBH this gold farm could still be the biggest 1 player setup on the server. I know the Valar one takes multiple players to run. Because the pigmen go idle outside a 32 block radius,  water canal designs are limited in how big they can go.

This goldfarm was insane, I could craft chests of god gear and hour, and the gold rates were nice too. So with my goal of becoming rich AF achieved, I took a break and started a cool project at the base, a huge ass hole. Some of you have already seen pics of this.
[Image: HalKvKQ.png]
[Image: aeaBkxH.png]
Using a 1.10 tnt dupe glitch and slimeblock flying machines, I carved out a massive hole right beside my base. Its hard to grasp the sheer size of the hole in screenshots, and even being there in person you cant see the whole thing as it stretches for like 500 blocks. I had planned to make the canyon the whole way around my base, but the process was time consuming, and I took a break. Then when 1.11 dropped, the bomber design was nerfed, so I never finished the canyon.

Another view of the base-
[Image: KYzG9C9.png]

There was obviously much, much more at the base, some things are hard to capture with screenies, some things I just never took shots of. The living area/ storage room was all underground, and I don't have any good pictures of that.
Part 2- Post dupe downfall and dumpster

After the 1.11 dupe, this base became way way less OP. Pre dupe it made me a god among men, post dupe it was just a cool base. With my resource power on the server no longer tied up in the farms at my base, instead held by my huge dupe stashes, I decided to open the base up to my friends. Knowing that 90% of base compromises are caused by players, I knew that as soon as I opened the base up, it was a ticking time bomb, and would fall eventually. I was cool with this.

I invited 5 trusted members to the base, and began a new section of the base in a more scenic location about 1k away.[Image: s2uRWg2.png]

This was a really cool spot for the new group section of the base, and below that set of beacons there was 7 cave spider spawners in range, which was a super cool mob grinder setup.

2 friends made it out to the base, and then one of the new members posted a screenshot in global chat, not realizing that his /bed coordinates were in the screenshot. Naturally the entire base was immediately compromised. Warsoil and a few others set out straight away to raid. Luckily I was online when the leak happened and with it being 250k off of the axis, I knew I had some time to move the most valuable gear I could out. I thought I would have a day or so to get my shit sorted, but this was not  the case. Thankfully Warsoil let slip the fact that he was only an hour away (his group base must be around -1m Z) and I quickly transferred all I could to one of my alt dupe stashes before anyone got here.

Naturally I didnt want anyone to have the glory of dumpstering such a good base, so I took it upon myself to completely rekt it.
[Image: brMLgNf.png]
[Image: FhV5iTB.png]

By the time anyone got out there, the place was absolutely fucked in the butthole. I must say, that hour of greifing my own base, 4 months of hard work, was actually super fun. So glad I was online to do it myself, and that no rival was able to get that glory  Shy 

There's much more that could be said about the base, but that's all I can be bothered writing at this stage. I hope you guys enjoyed reading all that, and that some of the things I built there can inspire future players who also enjoy the technical/automated side of minecarft. Peace.
Hate that the cords got leaked man, like the base tho.
Thanks. Iron farms are definitely worth it if you use a lot of hoppers etc. But you do need to build a few of them to get good rates. The only hard part is getting 10 villagers up to each farm.

Nice gold farm man, looks aesthetic AF with that arch and sharers.
Amazing. I now know the scale I must build to be powerful on this server. As I missed the dupe and like to be a self-made man, I am going to start building bigger!
Everyone dies. You go first.
Excellent post, Next. You did a badass job with the base- really enjoyed your thorough summary of its progression and it's great seeing a full post with ample screenshots. Definitely impressed, man.
(01-27-2017, 08:10 PM)Fantaros Wrote: Amazing. I now know the scale I must build to be powerful on this server. As I missed the dupe and like to be a self-made man, I am going to start building bigger!

Hell yeah man, can't wait to see what you come up with.

Thanks Zen. Thought it deserved a solid write up as it was a big part of what I've achieved with my time here.
I miss that time where the chat was always so full
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