Motivation to do shit.
I was wondering what the community does to motivate them selves to do stuff, mainly things outside of the game but anything really. I havent been able to self motivate since I joined this server which is the primarily reason I randomly "quit". For example I bought myself 10ish books this Christmas and Ive only read half of a single one. Any ideas welcome Smile.
Nothing. Theres nothing to do.
You can build shit, but no one's really interested in seeing / living there.
You can chat shit, but there's only 0, 1 or 2 people that talk back.
You can trade shit, but nevermind the fucking dupe

The only thing I'm doing on MTA is waiting for a new inlfux of newfags to balance the player base.
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Outside of MC:
Just fucking do shit to improve, motivation is shit anyways, it can dissapear randomly. What you need is determination. No one REALLY got far on motivation: it's determination that gets people somewhere.
ΞSBCΞ Come build with us on our next project! Check the subforum for more info!
For me, motivation comes only when I have goals or ambitions for something. Motivation is merely the drive to complete said goals. In other words, do you have any plans/goal/ambitions?  They should come before motivation.
Motivation comes entirely from the fact that a person, like N3xt said, wants to get something accomplished.Motivation comes out of that goal, so think of something, and if you can't, then you don't have anything waiting for you at MTA.It exists as the canvas for any ideas you have, if you don't have ideas, no reason to beat yourself up trying to accomplish something when you have no actual goal in mind. That's what seperates stupid people from normal people.

To quickly reply to QwQ (You know I love you bby), but the playerbase is perfectly fine at the moment. It's back to its normal state, as opposed to the bloated cancerous mass it was during the whole rusher thing. Normalcy isn't necessarily the most outgoing state of existence, but it is the most stable in the case of MTA.
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