Just a wee bit of conversation
Hello Minetexas,

First of all, no, I did not quit ?

I apologise for getting your hopes up.

Looking at Nulz' last post about motivation and the replies that followed I've realised I kinda need something to do. So I'm going to finish the thing I have been doing IRL (ikr I didn't know that was a thing either) and then come back, probably build a hut in the woods and then continue to shovel shit into my narcissistic role play dependant mind until someone comes online. 

I'm tired wtf 

plz take me back minetexas
Consider suicide.
Hawt Doggo
Thank you, good sir
help me change my tag
Wowie sans , is that a human?

No Papyrus , thats a filthy goose
"A tree , Its just a lot of shrubbery" - NoudieDX 2k15
Yes. Fuck you, 5 characters.
help me change my tag
Well personally, if you don't come back, I don't really want to play, lolz
I was online about 2 minutes before you DCed, bad timing lol.
help me change my tag

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