Minetexas Anarchy Server Base Census
This thread was made for all the cool builds/group bases going on currently.

If you feel happy with it, submit base pictures and who lives there and general info on the project.

Project Endgame:


This is an updated version of Rustler's super OP base Pre Dupe.

Link to thread about his old base: 

The only person who lives here is N3xtLevel.

Fort Chilcot:


This is the first time I've ever actually seen the base. Obviously it looks fucking awesome.

SirJohnChilcot lives here, along with GideonOsborne who is sometimes Mosque.

Goose Nest (Thanks Chilcot):


This is my pre dupe base.

It is still not finished, probably never will be.

Needs to be covered with artificial mountain (I'm a very messy person, especially after the dupe)

My alt lives here, no one else has coords.

Starfleet Command:


This is Koenbr1l's base, D1ckP1cs also lives there. Really nice looking base, there is also a gold farm out of the pic.

Golden Twinkies Inc:


This is where I produce carrots for Goose'sGoldenTwinkies.

Lovely lil place.

I'm looking for a few basemates to help farm the carrots.


The award for the most confusing name goes to - GoodOldMrWilson.


His base looks fucking AWESOME! Apparently it's called Greighleaf because of the design on the floor; that makes a lot of sense.

The City of Algiers:


Built mostly by Castle__Bravo. Amazing build, submitted by Polar.
help me change my tag

The City of Algiers. Mostly built by castle__bravo. I had the privilege of staying there.
Hawt Doggo

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