Golden Twinkies - Orders and Pricing
Hello Minetexas, I am pleased to announce that in 2 days Goose'sGoldenTwinkies will be fully open for business. 

That's a series of screenshots documenting the first batch's creation. They still need to be sent away and re named, however.

Let's talk prices.

Each shulker contains 14 stacks of Twinkies. These fuckers aren't cheap to make, which makes me realise why no one has sold them in bulk.

At this current point of time, a Twinkie Box will be sold for 128 DBs.

This is completely dependant on prices of raw materials, specifically gold farms.

I'm hoping for this price to go down, but at the current point of time this will be the price.

I will be taking orders through this thread preferably, you can order from today - please not you won't recieve anything for at least 2 days but it's easier for me if I know what I'm making and for who.

Thank you.
help me change my tag
1 for me, thx
10 Boxes for me

#=Meme Team=!!!
I would like to join since I have tons of carrots.
Hawt Doggo
1 for me please

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