Spawn garden wewe
After being dormant for a while we're proud to announce: SBC IS BACK BOYS!
This is great news of course. The server's getting back on track and starting to flourish. We from SBC wanted a spawn to match that, so what we did? We made spawn green again.

[Image: 3rsYfB6.png]
Because this was spawn. Not too colorful and happy.

So I went to spawn, started placing some dirt. Within a few minutes, Munchi3s came, and brought me a shitton of grass blocks. 
[Image: 8Qsi5du.png]
Basically, this wouldn't be possible without munchi3s. So thank you Munch!
Also: PTNA donated a LOT of bonemeal and other building materials, so big shoutout to her!

[Image: QoSIVPA.png]
And I continued building. Then Wilson AKA Phalaxan came to spawn and helped me. Also xXCrimeSlayerXx came to help us a big hand. Thanks to them!

[Image: 54lU1E5.png]
Xenon AKA Polarbear also came to spawn and immediately started contributing. Suddenly we had 5 people chilling at spawn, chatting and building together!

[Image: cbucFsv.png]

[Image: gnd4C1Y.png]
Meanwhile, Phalax and Crime were still going at it hard,

[Image: bgPI8zC.png]
And Crime even started a town square with a fountain! This would be the start of a small village even!

[Image: rXjNF7k.png]
It even had a monument for Xeno's pet hamster that died that day. RIP Momo : '(

[Image: 3eImGOg.png]
And then suddenly itsbowlingheroes joined, and soon PvP started at spawn. We thought it was all over, but luckily only Xeno was target of Bowling's wrath, and Bowling even agreed to be our park security!

[Image: tJCd2pN.png]
Security on point. With god armor and gapps and crystals and shit.

Will post more in the comments, atar only allowes 10 pics per post ... :/
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Part 2

[Image: Aw508ZW.png]
Then someone stole ALL the grassblocks from the dub, and the project was doomed.

But then CrimeSlayer got us a ton more, and
[Image: 9lel8kR.png]
Bowling started to protect the chest with his life!

[Image: oOp2rUR.png]
Phalax came with the shulkers, and the project was back on track!

[Image: SIatvV2.png]

Then people started to build building here, because this was the best place to live. Premium real estate at the best location in the server that was just gentrified.
[Image: Jg0Wibz.png]

[Image: qTqUIYl.png]
My small humble abode for the vacation season. Renting starts for only 2 gold nuggets per day!

[Image: ZpNigyc.png]
Even CrimeSlayer started building! And that's the great thing about SBC, people start building, others help, and even donate blocks! Then the others, rich or not, can take stuff from the chest and do their own thing there and then!

[Image: REFP4JJ.png]

[Image: fAiXTDJ.png]
Dolophonos building a house a bit away from the park, guess every city needs a hermit living of the grid!

[Image: yZae0yG.png]
And so the building continued...

Part 3 is below: Atar doesnt let me post more then 10 pics per post... :/
ΞSBCΞ Come build with us on our next project! Check the subforum for more info!
part 3
So here's a few scenery pics:
[Image: jmU4O0V.png]
The base camp: where all the blocks were kept and smelted[i]![/i]

[i][Image: R4FmFYu.png][/i]
Aaaahhh.... Nothing better then pure fake fabricated nature in the shithole that is spawn :D

[Image: bDbILQE.png]
Watch the sun set through the chaos lavacasts and the rose bushes. Sit at the pond in the shadow of the tree, and enjoy the view!

[Image: COIwVoW.png]
At spawn, there's a special kind of tree that only grows half way!

[Image: ENyeLQv.png]
Go walk your tamed wolfs in the spawn forest! We've got dark oak, oak and birch!

[Image: KjWj4u3.png]
A quiet little place to escape the hectic warzone that is spawn.

[Image: 3rsYfB6.png]
Great infrastructure to continue your adventure onwards!

Part 4 below, the thank you post and the group pics!
part 4
So this is the last post of the series: The credits and the group photo's.

[Image: KE87W6V.png]
All the peeps
[Image: cbucFsv.png]
More of the peeps
[Image: v3quTkn.png]
Busy day at spawn!

I want to thank the following people:
  • Chad, for creating SBC
  • Munchi3s, for contributing the materials to get us started!
  • PTNA, for doing the same as munchi3s, Thank you, without you it wouldn't have gotten off the ground!
  • Wilson AKA Phalaxan, for being there and building with us!
  • xXCrimeSlayerXx, for being the first builder that joined, getting us more grass and starting the town square!
  • Xeno, for coming over and helping form the terrain!
  • Dolophonos, for just chilling there
  • Itsbowlingheroes, for not ruining the party and even providing some security!
If you want to join the party next time, keep an eye on chat! We're also thinking about recruiting new SBC members, and SBC is a tier 1 frat, one of the oldest on the server! So stay around, keep building, and you might be the next SBC member!

- QwQ_tw
Thanks for helping the server!
ΞSBCΞ Come build with us on our next project! Check the subforum for more info!
This was a fun night, glad I could be apart of it all Smile
Call me Great Old Mr. Wilson if you want
I'm still having a hard time dealing that Momo died yesterday. I just can't stop thinking about him. Yesterday was the only time I actually was happy to be playing again.
Hawt Doggo
This is amazing I'm ashamed that I wasn't on

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