Medieval SBC sign
Hey guys,
SBC is back, no lies!
We're back again at spawn,
Just like that time we made spawn look like a lawn!
This time we went medieval like back in the day,
We made a SBC sign in 2 shades of gray!

[Image: tMXM3td.png]
[Image: UIBELSf.png]

There's also a new project in our minds,
With shades of pink and red in all kinds.
Keep an eye on spawn the next few days,
before the griefers do and it all decays.
Some know what we're on about,
the rest will have to just find out!

Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart

See you soon!

Top Kek Qwq , You Left When I was playing , amd you play when I leave
"A tree , Its just a lot of shrubbery" - NoudieDX 2k15
Beautiful poem made me cry ;(
Who knew! The poem referred to that one event we just had!
ΞSBCΞ Come build with us on our next project! Check the subforum for more info!

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