Valentines day at MineTexas!
This was one of those project that we actually prepared for: The trusted members of the server got a notice that we were doing this project, and helped us collect materials! Of course the entire thing was valentines day themed!

So this all started with the trusted players getting stuff together. I started at spawn with Noudie. Noudie wasn't a trusted player and as such didnt prep with materials, but in the SBC spirit everyone can use what others have brought, so he grabbed some of the wool out of the chest!

It all started here: A cold empty spawn with a single dirt road...

[Image: fUGnNEJ.jpg]
Spawn was a cold desolate place... No love to be found...

[Image: TQu9ckn.jpg]
But soon the dirt road was covered in lovely colors and a little shining heart!

[Image: Ej17rOW.jpg]
The road even spelled valentine!

[Image: JJ73Iyc.jpg]
Then the special man of the day came to spawn to give us a hand! MrWilson AKA Phalaxan! Also: Say hi to our new SBC Member! He came to us to help build, and also brought a shitton of items. Thanks Phalax!

[Image: FTCNDMd.jpg]
Eventually we didnt feel the smart hearts were representing valentines the right way. That's why the huge heart was build! It reaches up and beyond the lavacasts!

[Image: 4VNPw9D.jpg]
Then the prodigy known only as Wilson spotted a bare patch of desolate wasteland and terraformed it into:....

[Image: 4mBftbr.jpg]
A lovely rose garden!

[Image: wwO4S3p.jpg]
It even had a little picnic spot for secret lovers!

[Image: ZCd23hm.jpg]
Throw in a coin for good luck! Don't throw any diamonds though, the roses are allergic to that!

[Image: BLQJ8Gr.jpg]
This was the entrance to valentines park, just as this post is the entrance to a whole lot more pics! Since Atar only allows 10 pics, and not all the pics are edited right now, I'll continue posting in the comments!

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
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So after that we made a little hut for ... valentines stuff ...
[Image: EqmCXak.jpg]
Chill in the shroom house. [WARNING: any hallucinations caused by the shroom house is at own risk.]

[Image: 1Isrteb.jpg]
It all started to come together suddenly. We placed enough pink wool to actually make it feel like a romantic valentines paradise!

This all wouldn't be possible if Munchi3s didn't help. Thanks again Munch!
[Image: bEBQga4.jpg]
Whaaaaaatttt??? 2 Munchi3s!? Nope. Just photoshop <3 Thanks for that wool stash!

Then L3thalCarrot came to spawn. She was awesome the whole time, just chilling with us and making the mood even brighter. Thanks L3thal!
[Image: 7XnF2Xc.jpg]
Noudie did molest het but whatever

Noudie's 12 yr old ass couldn't handle the fact that there might be a girl in his video game, so ofcourse he tried to get his e-peen wet in the orgie house.
[Image: trcBPPS.jpg]
Rape jokes aren't funny. Unless a 12 yr old is cracking them. Then they are hilarious.

We also changed the heart to make it a tunnel, not only was this better for using the road, it also had a nice metaphor for it!
[Image: BOhW5BJ.jpg]
Romantic AF. Behind this mysterious door is netflix 'n chill.

Behind that door? A life size pussy. Yes. Chad challenged Noudie to build one and he actually did. This is one of the few things Noudie did well that day xD
[Image: J88iH7G.jpg]

Then Duke came to spawn! Duke was having fun the entire time, lifting the mood and also build the tunnel of love! Thanks Duke for the awesome valentines day! Duke is a potential new SBC member as well!
[Image: klBrzS5.jpg]

So then we were with a pretty big group, and decided to make a group photo!
[Image: zfU2m6E.jpg]
From left to right: Noudie, Duke, QwQ, Wilson, L3thal, Munchi3s

Duke ended up building a tunnel of love. It was majestic AF
[Image: ZthM7VU.jpg]

Atar only let's me post 10 pic per post, so check the post under this one for the next pics!
<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
Part 3
So this parts theme is simple: The first terrorists.
A little introduction to SBC might be required for you to understand this. As a SBC builder I've organized enough big spawn events to see what stages happen when you build at spawn.

The first is the calm building.
This is where you are solo at spawn or with one other person, and you're just building.

The second is the supply drop.
The first players drop in at spawn to put some shulkers down and supply some extra blocks

The third the back-up
Other players start coming to spawn and help building, some bringing their own stuff, other taking stuff from the chests.

The fourth the spectators
Other people, mostly nakeds, start coming to spawn and hanging there, not building, just checking out the builds, talking, etc

The fifth terrorism
After a while, the nakeds or the back-up gets bored, and start messing shit up. A PvP kill here, a fire there, and slowly it descends.

The sixth Bye Bye My Sweet Spawn
When the 4th fase has arrived I know we only have around 1 hour before we arrive to stage 5 and thus at stage 6. The griefers get more and more momentum and eventually they always win.

The key to these steps is the following: 
Know it will ALWAYS go like this, accept it, and keep building until you feel you've build enough. Keeping others away from the build is useless, even if you KNOW they're griefers. Don't build at spawn if you want stuff to last long.

So at this point in the thread, we're already at stage 3. I will tell you what stage the event is in when it changes.

So Wilson, the genius he is, made a treehouse. I mean, that's romantic allright.

[Image: 8Hll9XS.jpg]
Willson usually keeps the lovers OUTSIDE his treehouse.

We now arrive at stage 4: The spectators
You see, this isn't a bad stage. It's where the builds are actually for: getting seen.

So the next pictures are scout, Nentai and LordsSaltyBalls joining. The definition of spectators: Not doing anything and just standing around.
[Image: VkD0ZCD.jpg]
Scout joined

[Image: cCAwjWE.jpg]
The whole squad pulling up like skuuuuuurrrrrrtttt

Then we got honored a great deal. Our glorious founder, Chad, came to check on us. It's been a long time since he's seen this SBC activity on the server and it felt great to have him there.
[Image: kWazFpj.jpg]
/ASP is a thing, /praise is a thing, ATAR: GET US A FUCKING /SBC BADGE TO PRAISE OUR LORD CHAD!

You see, this was the early stage 4. People join and just check the stuff out. Now we advance to late stage 4. This is the best moment of any build. The spectators start enjoying the builds. Like scout and L3thal, having a romantic picnic in cloud 7.

[Image: 29PXBGf.jpg]
Ok, this might not be how it ACTUALLY looked but this is how it looked in our imagination...

And just like that, BOOM! The happy jolly stage 4 proceeds in to the next stage...

You see, in the beginning of stage 5, the griefers usually don't really want to get caught, and they troll a bit here and there, grief a bit here and there, etc. 

Well, some guy decided to torch an entire section. Luckily everyone doused it quickly, only one build burned down. It was a huge ***** and not really that much of a miss... xD

[Image: xipcKik.jpg]
This why you don't call parties "lit" kids....

So some time passes, and eventually another terrorist strikes. It's just what happens. Always. This one hits a bit harder: the giant heart burns down and also the love tunnel.

[Image: sg0olAN.jpg]
"Firestar9114" was just chilling by. Fire. 911. This can't be a coincidence. *Cue illuminati music*

You see, this is bound to happen. SBC members get used to it, but others aren't so use to getting their shit griefed. Especially Duke was hit hard by the loss of his lovetunnel.
[Image: CxyQmlP.jpg]
14 Feb 2017 - R.I.P lovetunnel made by Duke.

Now is the last fase. The dreaded stage 6: Bye Bye My Sweet Spawn. This is the hardest part to learn. Accept that it's going to happen and move on. This build got rekt by a lavacast. A great way to go I think. We could've stopped the lava because we saw it coming a mile away, but I ordered the builders to let it come, so we could see our build go up in flames and not give another griefer the pleasure of raping our build.

[Image: SDTrue4.jpg]
I'm too hot (hot damn)Call the po-lice and the fireman, I'm too hot (hot damn), Make a dragon wanna retire, man, I'm too hot (hot damn)

So we all watched the lava droop down on our lovely build. Some jumped into the lava with the build, others just watched it silently.

[Image: YBkgm9y.jpg]
Aaaahhhh great, anarchy's way of creating more space for us at SBC to build on :D

It was a great day, the next post will include some thanks and credits :D

Check the post below!
<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
Part 4

Thanks to the following people:
  • Chad, for making SBC!
  • Wilson, for participating once again, and welcome to the team!
  • Munchi3s, for donating much needed resources!
  • Duke, for building and playing, you're on the SBC potentials list!
    The rest:
  • L3thalcarrot, for chilling and chatting with us! Please come again!
  • Noudie, for being there from the start and... making a cock, tits and a pussy?
  • Scout, for jumping around, chilling and even trying to build a little!
  • Firestar, for chilling around and enjoying valentines day with us!
  • Nentai, for checking us out!
  • LordSaltyBalls, for checking us out!
Thanks for participating and making this valentines lit! (litteraly) 

Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart
- QwQ / WillAndUp
Everyone that was a joy to have around will get info for the next SBC event, which isn't planned yet but will be planned soon! Hints will be posted on the forums in the SBC section for the sherlock holmes that wanna be there too!

Have a great day, leave a comment (it's a lot of work making these threads), and see you next time!

Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart
This was a great night and I had a blast. Thanks to everyone else taking part  Big Grin
Also, thanks for letting me into SBC, I look forward to doing and helping in new projects and events in the future
Call me Great Old Mr. Wilson if you want
Also I acctually Did bring shit
"A tree , Its just a lot of shrubbery" - NoudieDX 2k15
Oh wow guys - looks great. Thank you for letting me know of this community build. The images make it look so awesome.
(02-15-2017, 04:19 PM)SirJohnChilcot Wrote: tfw Nentai was an alt of me at the time, I built a fucking thing

ahhhhh so ur nentai? Cool!
What did you make?
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Hawt Doggo

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