I'm Officially Leaving MineTexas
Hi all,

Most will probably rejoice at reading this, due to the recent coord leak that I unfortunately exposed. This, and the hate that ensued, is not why I am leaving. I am leaving because I do not agree with how the server is operated. 

In the wake of the last ddos attacks on the server, It has come to my attention that ataranlen has posted the IP and personal email of the attacker. This is morally, and (may be) even legally wrong. By posting the IP of the ddoser, ataranlen has become no better than the ddoser himself. I realize ddosing is a horrible thing that is ridiculous. Also, posting the attacker's personal email (that atar either got from a forum sign up or paypal donation) is simply awful. 

That is not the only reason I am leaving, however. It has also been brought to my attention that there is a player named CallMeCube flying around in spectator mode... on the anarchy server. This just adds another straw to the back of the camel. 

All the above reasons are why I am officially leaving the server. I feel it is unsafe to log on. If atar doesn't like you, he may or may not leak your personal email and IP. I wish you all many happy hours here, and good luck!

No hard feelings
lmao. If someone has the balls to ddoss a server, with the sole intent of ruining it for the whole community, then they had it coming IMO. Lets not pretend that said ddosser is the victim here.
I'll be honest, I'm not sad to see you go. You've been a huge pain in my side. Our first interaction was you bragging about stealing my players.

From my understanding, the "doxxed" information floating around came from sources outside of MineTexas (Aka Google, he's been banned many places for rules violations with his name, email, and IP addresses associated in publicly searchable lists). This individual is a "player" that has been known to despise MineTexas, and simply DDoS's us when he gets bored.

As I've told others, CallMeCube is an admin, and has the same rights as me. I trust him, and that should be enough for any of the anarchy players. He, like me, enjoys messing with people.

Enjoy yourself, Minecrafter.
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Thumbs Down 
Glad to see you go, wasn't cool that you would just come into the server to attempt and steal the community.
Build a grave to bestaliasever at base. Dancing on it rn.
Don't really care either way but sure cya later
I am happy your info got posted. You mess with someone, expect a reaction.
Everyone dies. You go first.
dunno what you mean about Atar posting personal data... I can see from the moderator logs that other people posted personal info relating to the DDoSer on these forums and Atar actually deleted the posts and warned the people who made them not to post personal info again.
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atar that was probably the most retarded shit i've heard, "it was on google so why not post it here?!?!?!"

you're like keem exposing pyro's face
Boy you must be some hot shit huh sikemanigga. If you don't care for what was said he here you can leave simple as that.

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