New Server Box
As some of you may already know, we're running on some pretty outdated hardware. I've placed an order that should help replace most of his hardware. I will be assembling a new server box later this week.

I'll be switching in some hardware from the old systems (such as the SSD's) to use as backup devices, but this system is intended to replace both of our current boxes.

For the Stats junkies, here's the full spec sheet:
  • 2 x Intel Xeon E5-2620 v3 Haswell 2.4GHz 6 x 256KB L2
  • 1 x ASUS Z10PE-D16/4L SSI EEB Server Motherboard Dual
  • 1 x NORCO RPC-470 Black 4U Rackmount Server Case 3 Ext - OEM
  • 1 x Crucial 64GB (4 x 16GB) 288-Pin DDR4 SDRAM ECC DDR
  • 1 x Antec 80Plus Platinum PSU ATX 1000 Power Supply HCP-1000 PLATINUM
  • 2 x ADATA USA Premier Pro SP600 2.5-Inch 256 GB SATA III Synchronous NAND SSD ASP600S3-256GM-C
  • 2 x Noctua i4 CPU Cooler for Intel Xeon CPU_ LGA2011, 1356 and 1366 Platforms NH-U9DXi4

Can't wait to have a smoother experience on those days the populations up Big Grin
[Image: LzwHy0X.gif]
Yeah, the crawl we had on Saturday during war time was pretty unacceptable. Many players couldn't do basic actions like opening doors or placing blocks. The server was averaging below 6 TPS. The normal average is 19 or greater.
The Power Supply Unit just arrived a minute ago.
  • 1 x Antec 80Plus Platinum PSU ATX 1000 Power Supply HCP-1000 PLATINUM

Nine parts left to go.

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cant u just go pick dem up yourself XD and gj
There wasn't a server supply store that had all of the parts I wanted to pick up for this build.
So How much better is the new setup going to be ?
Our current setup is a pair of systems running a single AMD FM1 APU each. (a6 and A8 quad cores) with 16 and 32 GB of RAM respectively. These are very poor CPU's that are outdated and weren't optimized for the type of load I'm throwing at them.

This new system will have two Xeon E5-2620 V3 Haswell chips. These are hex core CPU's with Hyperthreading (two processing threads for each of the six logical cores).

We're also switching from DDR3 1600 RAM (48GB total) to DDR4 2133 RAM (64GB Total). This will be another considerable jump in capabilities.
The main civcraft server is now running on this new server box. I'll be moving other servers over eventually.
wow That was fast dilivery

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