The Problem With Spawn Building
Building at spawn is difficult, but it's also kinda the point of SBC so suck it up.

Today was fun, I got bored and started building at spawn, invited more people to come and it was all good.

[Image: Lots_of_people_at_spawn_and_im_building.png]

As you can see, everyone was here, having fun. (This was about 20 minutes after I started building).

Unfortunately, a certain Mr Solo came to ruin everything. People were blowing up everywhere, and the griefing commenced.

[Image: solo_mag_burning_stuff.png]

After this things got difficult, I couldn't help on this account. No sword, no crystals. Nothing. Tristan was here earlier and we quickly called for his help.

Tristan confronted Solo and I logged on an alt to help out. Savage also was there with armour and the fighting was fast and difficult in the lag. I saw Jessoh log on and quickly got him to come to spawn also. 


I was swapping between alts at this point because I had no armour on any of them.

The fighting continued, crystals made the battle stale and no one was winning.

Tristan and Solo started fighting on the Spawn Floor, I came to help originally but then decided to take this opportunity to keep building.

SoloMag had targeted my build and blew it up, 3 of us tried to break the tnt but it didn't work. During the spawn floor fight I tried to rebuild.

My build photos before griefing. (Note, it was nowhere near done).

[Image: view_of_my_building_side.png]
Pillars weren't even done kek.

Sorry the photos aren't very good, it was kinda hectic.

[Image: view_of_my_building_front.png]

Then tnt happened to my build Big Grin

[Image: solo_targets_my_build_I_try_to_stop_the_tnt.png]

Now, the timeline of events is a wee bit wobbly but I hope you all get the general idea.

I was trying to talk to someone IRL near the end, all my armour was breaking anyway and I decided to leave.

Keep building, kiddos.

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Yeah, I must admit. it was pretty fun.
Kinda Sad since i died
Idk what to put here
I swear to god... Next time, i'll be on to protect the builds. I repaired all of my god sets, so i'm ready.
Hawt Doggo
Sounds good, Xeno. I generally build GMT time so this sorta thing doesnt happen.
help me change my tag
I think this would be better off on a diffrent part of the forums, without affiliating SBC since this is heavily PvP themed. Also I'm dissapointed SoloMag did this because he hasn't before. Goose, if its ok with you, can I ask chad to move this post?

Also, we're SBC we know these things happen and we should be fine with it. providing a challenge to the griefers ony wants to make them grief again.
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Yeah as far as PVPing to protect builds... sometimes it might be sensible (say if someone was trying to place a wither on a city that was nearly finished), but mostly I prefer just logging into another account to build somewhere else (or running away)

SBC was never about PVP, always preferred the strategy of trying to get away with building something before it's discovered.

Also once it's built... take screenshots and let it be griefed... SBC supports griefing of completed builds 100%
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