First Published Restoration (Chad's Yellow Glass thing)
Hey guys!

This is the first set of pictures I'm going to release of the various restorations I've been doing around spawn. In fact, this one was the first one to be built by the "Roh Peeps". Everything will be explained after pics. 

But first I'd like to thank a few people:

-GoodOldMrWilson: for helping us with the actual building and bringing along a dubb of stone/dirt Big Grin
-SirJohnChilcot: delivering the very important pumpkins <3
-MagicEx: Constantly helping with ANY build at spawn.
-Itz__David: Again, constantly helping with ANY build at spawn.
-Phatobios: He's pretty much been to any build I've been the past few days, really helpful and very much appreciated.

With that over, timeline time <3

[Image: before_pics.png]

[Image: before_pics_2.png]

These two were taken right at the very start from opposite sides, there was quit a bit of damage but we could still get the general idea.

[Image: my_boiz_david_and_magic_show_up.png]
Magic and David come to help straight away, we didn't have many materials at this point so we were just doing the stone and some of the dirt.

[Image: Goodoldmrwilson_show_sup.png]
GoodOldMrWilson came along, we had a team of 4 going at this point so all was good Big Grin

[Image: Good_Old_Mr_Wilson_brings_materials.png]
This is where we started cooking with oil. Chilcot just came and dropped off the pumpkins, and Wilson brought a dubb of stone and dirt. Just what we needed!

[Image: all_of_us_working_ALL_OF_US.png]
Now we had the whole crew. This is probably my favourite picture from the build as we were all in it. We had made quite a lot of progress at this point, pretty much all the squares were done and we were about to start on the pillars.

[Image: newcomer_comes_round.png]
A new player walked through and I decided to pay him off to make sure he didn't tell on us xD

[Image: near_end.png]
Phatobios started on one of the pillars while we did the final touches on the ground. 
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[Image: near_end.png]

At this point we were trying to decide where the pillars were/should be. None of us had ever seen screenshots of this build so we were just kinda winging it....

[Image: last_screenshot_i_took.png]
I had just finished taking down a rogue tower that wasn't an original when dv1 shows up... this is the last screenshot I took.

Luckily for us, Wilson was still up a post and took a few screenshots of dv1 doing 'his thing'.
[Image: 0947_F5_B29_FA8_AACCC9_D1_DCDB7316_A64_A...315_C0.jpg][Image: 308783_BBEC5_E763_BFFD2057015954_CDE3057...95_C58.jpg]
Sorry these images are small, they were taken from skype and I can't change it... );

That last one was taken by Wilson about 10 minute after everything went down. To be honest, all he really did he take us back to square one. I'm sure one day I'll rebuild this place again.

Thanks for reading/looking.

If you would like to help out in builds like this/other shit at spawn feel free to message me on the forums or in game and I'll make sure to invite you along.


EDIT: End of this post if completely fucked. Tried to post 15 images but it no worked. Sorry, next time it will look better.
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[Image: W9e8Jm9.jpg]

Here's a full size aftermath image
I had a good time taking part Smile
Call me Great Old Mr. Wilson if you want
OMG... someone restored one of my builds! Big Grin

believe it or not... this build was actually griefed before it was completed... originally there was going to be light green stained glass panes covering the sides, with maybe red for the top.

(will be back with more glass haha)
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looks like a lot of fun!
This time, knowing dv1, it was a personal thing, but those things might stop once you've shown to be less canerous and stuff... Great building though! Sad I'm not here this week, but I'll be back on monday!
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