Supplies for Spawn Builders
Hello Minetexas

Recently there has been an influx of spawn building - which is great. Just earlier today we had a very large group build for an hour or two.

The best way to further boost this creative flourish the server is currently inside of would be to have a better supply chain. Generally the way a build starts is a member of SBC/Roh starts building and others follow suit (obviously people not in either group also build, just an example). The problem with this is the original member then has to supply items. I can support 2-3 players with picks, gapples, glass, etc but recently it has been getting increasingly difficult because I want to make sure everyone has a pick and anything they need to build.

I am looking for people who can provide certain items:

-Mainly Picks.

-Just as important - Shulkers; You may think, why the fuck would I give filthy spawn rats shulkers? Well, you don't. If we give trusted and active members in the community kits to give to the masses at spawn they can keep track of everything, take the shulkers back, get them refilled etc. 

Now, this post is mainly inspired by Chad joining some friends and I at a build earlier, he brought axes, shulkers of stone and other materials and we managed to allocate everyone a different job and we gave them the stuff to do it! Through the process of that build there were at least 3-4 shulkers down at one time, people took what they needed and at the end of every different section of the build they put back any materials not used.

I think the best way to do this is to have a trial run, in my experience with trusted people (new people wanting to build) everything has gone well. 

So. I would like/think it's a good idea for 2-3 or more people to step up and take the responsibility of distributing items at every event. There job will be to make sure everything is divided equally between people. They will be the people holding the shulkers before and after events. 

I haven't run this by anyone inside SBC yet, but I think most will be onboard. 

Now, how can we get these items/what's the point in donating them? 

-It helps spawn; resources will be used to clean up spawn, rebuild highways, extend highways and generally increase the overall aesthetic of spawn.

-You will gain popularity/respect; if you can provide items people at events will be thankful and I'm sure there will be rewards (cheaper trading/free goods). 

So, I'm going to put down some items I think are essential for spawn building (I.E what we will need);

-Stone/Cobble; Stone is preferable as it has more uses and makes things look better, but for general spawn floor repairs cobble is perfect. Got anything laying around at your base from digging? Drop it off to someone with shulkers ready and know it will be put to good use!

-Pickaxes; I understand these are sought after and expensive items, I am not in the position to produce them myself but have already started talking to various people about having them mass produce Eff 4 Unb 3 pickaxes for me (obviously they get payed by me). If you think you can produce pickaxes to be sold (or you want to donate them <3) then please message me in game or on the forum. 

-Glass; glass is one of the best materials in the game, it looks good in any build, can be made into several different colours and can really take away from the stone blandness that is our current spawn.

-Dirt; well, why the fuck would we want dirt? Welp, I'm sure you've seen the various 'make spawn green' builds/campaigns. These rely heavily on large supplies of dirt. Dirt is also very useful for larger, more permanent city builds. I remember Chad using at least three dubbs of dirt to terra form the area for spawn city. Spawn is riddled with holes, someone has to fill them in (;

-Food; This is one I can definitely provide (twinkies 4 all 2k17). Obviously people need food, I understand most will bring their own so this one is something I can handle on my own. However, always feel free to donate carrots as they are good because they can be eaten straight from the ground Big Grin

-Shulker boxes; Storing mass items is not a problem, we have enough shulkers to move bulk amounts of dirt/cobble etc to our bases and then transfer the stuff to normal chests. However, big builds need lots of items, the more items, the more shulkers needed for the person running the event. I expect anyone taking the responsibility over events to be able to provide shulkers to store the building items.

-Wood; Wood is good, it is a good contrast to stone and looks dank as fuck. Unfortunately, it burns. We need a lot of it because it's constantly 'magically on fire' and needs to be replaced. All types of wood perfect, the more the better.

I'm going to add in some non essentials here as well. 

-Prismarine/Prismarine related stuff; I want to make spawn more colourful!!!!! I kinda already drained Jessoh's supply of Prismarine while building at spawn (sorry jessoh). This is harder to get and is labour intensive, it would only be used in good builds, and not be given out freely to everyone.

Please, critique this constructively. It's late at night for me, I may have repeated myself/just made no sense. 

I understand many don't trust me. I am trying my hardest to be a good member of the community and help out as best as I can. 

If you have any questions about how things would work, reply here. Want to volunteer for a job/role in supplying? Message me on the forum/in game (forum better).  Think I'm a faggot and someone else should do the job? Talk to Chad, kek.

EDIT: This is red because it was grey and impossible to read.

Thanks for reading.
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I think that this is a pretty good idea, there could be a few things to tweak about it but good concept
I can provide a a shulkers of picks every week or so, god enchants except for mending
The people that supply for SBC regularly also move up on the recruitment roster ofcourse.
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(02-21-2017, 03:41 AM)QwQ_tw Wrote: The people that supply for SBC regularly also move up on the recruitment roster ofcourse.

Just a question, when do they actually become members?
I assume it's when they have shown they are willing to be building at spawn constantly without caring about griefing or death Tongue
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The factors of joining SBC are the following:

- Has contributed significantly to SBC projects in the past (materials or builds)
- Has shown commitment that the recruitment board believes will continue long after recruitment
- Has shown to be trustworthy
- Has shown to understand the SBC ideals
- Has shown to have almost completely ditched PvP
- The entire recruitment board wants to have the player on board.
ΞSBCΞ Come build with us on our next project! Check the subforum for more info!
I will start getting blocks
Idk what to put here
From the commotion about me "being a nuisance" to SBC. Ill donate blocks including Varieties of Lumber and such, Hit me up and ill see if i got any. Im happy to help when possible.

#=Meme Team=!!!

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