colour codes or whatever

was chillin killin earlier today and made a brand new sword, got my trusty pal rustler to rename in colour, how fancy. however when i embarrased somebody with it the sword name was not in color because it was on a  new line of text 

night rekt whz using 
(awesome sword)

example of what happened, the sword IS coloured but it does not show when on a new line, was wondering if you could patch or something thank you
-dearest night
This problem has existed since the plugin was introduced, but the solution is pretty simple:

The solution is make sure you have a colour code before each word in the name. (even if the colour code is the same as the word before)

This means that if part of the sword name goes on the next line, it still has a colour code with it and displays correctly.

The other solution is to have no spaces at all in the name, to make sure it all goes on the same line
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Thank you!

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