Economy production thread
As I mentioned a few days ago, I would post the details of my economy's output production, as well as resources needed/preferred. This is a general thread, so if other people want to specify their economies/production, maybe we can find mutually beneficial trades.

Be aware my economy is very small scale.

Available exports:

Iron [low production rates, but continuous due to farm]
Leather [low production rates]
Wool [low production rates]
Sugarcane [roughly one inventory a pass]
Diamond picks [Infinitely from villager if available]
Uber iron tools [Cheap]
Carrots [roughly one inventory a pass]
Potatoes [roughly one inventory a pass]
Beetroot [farm must be reconfigured from wheat to beetroot, but half an inventory a pass]
Wheat [half an inventory a pass]
String [full auto]
Wood [manual]
Melon blocks [a stack a pass]
Melon slices [slowly, auto]
Raw chicken [slowly, auto]
Eggs [moderately, auto]
Spider eyes.
Brown mushroom.
Red mushroom.
Chorus fruit.
XP bottles [limited production rates but still infinite].
A selection of enchanted books (varies depending on what has been used up).
Ender pearls (likely more costly than collecting your own from the end in bulk).

Uber diamond tools [if non-villager generated, not infinite]

Temporary bulk output [version dependent]:
Cobble [and cobble related goods, EG furnaces, stairs, slabs]
Stone [and stone related goods]

Available villager items/books [temporary, depending on when they despawn]:
[List will only cover items of notable interest]

Frost Walker II [Price unknown, will update later]
Infinity [Price unknown, will update later]
Mending [38 emeralds]

Diamond Pick: Silk Touch, Efficiency II, Unbreaking II pick [14 emeralds]
Iron Pick: Efficiency III, Unbreaking III, Fortune I
Iron Shovel: Efficiency III
Iron Shovel: Unbreaking III
Name tags.

Available services:
Item repair.
Item upgrades.
Potion making (non-splash). [Str II, Extended Fire Resistance, Extended Invisibility, Healing]
Conversion of items to emeralds (10% fee, or if less than 10 emeralds, 1 emerald fee), this can include converting rotten flesh to emeralds, food to emeralds, coal to emeralds etc.


Preferred items (for payment, in order of preference):
Vanishing books.
Diamond blocks.
Shulker boxes.

Wanted items of value (improves my economy system but isn't required for payment):
Slime blocks.
Gunpowder [potions].

Acceptable payment [non-preferred, but accepted as an alternative]:
Emerald blocks.
Blaze rods. [at least a stack]
Obsidian [this will not be used for griefing or ender crystalling, but it may be used for trolling IE troll signs].

Useful items (not really a payment, but giving these things will allow my economy to expand):
Nether quartz crystals. [In sufficient quantities]
Detector blocks.
Powered rail.
TNT [this is for use in cobble generators, and you have my word it will not be used for griefing, unless it's used to blow up lavacasts].
Lava buckets.

Items that I will most likely reject as payment:
Notch apples.
Golden apples.

Please note that payment does not have to strictly consist of only one type.

All economic materials received will be likely reinvested back into doing good for the minetexas server, or trolling people who wear hats made out of ass.

Items my economy cannot produce readily:
Sand/Sand related [sandstone etc. Note glass is an exception as villagers produce this]
Nether items [including quartz related, EG comparitors, detectors]
Gold [on large scale, produced on a micro scale]
Ghast tears/Regeneration potions
Slime [on large scale, produced intermittently]
Diamonds [I do not use X-ray, so these are always discovered by accident]

Note: Just because I don't produce an item doesn't mean I don't have it in stock.
Sandstone? if available, I'll buy 30,000.000
I can sell you all the Curse of Vanishing books you need Smile
(03-01-2017, 08:01 PM)warsoilder12 Wrote: Sandstone? if available, I'll buy 30,000.000

I've updated it to reflect what I don't produce intrinsically - which includes sand/sandstone.

(03-01-2017, 08:13 PM)_TristanMIchael Wrote: I can sell you all the Curse of Vanishing books you need Smile

I don't actively buy curse of vanishing (the items I'm after are under the wanted section), I accept it as an alternative form of payment for items/services ala currency, which is usually the case if someone hasn't got the barter items I'm after.

What I'm really after is gunpowder, or if you want to be the person who receives free goods from me regularly, a grinder (ideally stealthy) that allows for the production of gunpowder that works on minetexas (that last point will likely thwart a lot of designs).

Be aware that the more you contribute to my economy for free that aids it's improvement, the more you will get back for either free (if it's infinite/renewable) or cheaply. A renewable gunpowder source would mean I could sell splash potions to people as well, or if you aided in gunpowder grinder generation, you'd get it for free.

[For example, GoodOldMrWilson aided with the stone/XP grinder by supplying the designs and hoppers I needed, and he's received several uber diamond swords and has the entire cobble/stone stock supply available to him, for free, for the entire duration it remains in stock.]

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