Villager Trading Disabled
Took me a little bit longer than I would have liked, but I've removed villager trading.
Help by me.
You helped with this... how?
Not the coding but showing you villages and informing you of the ability to trade.
Ah, I knew about the ability to trade. The flag of "spawn-npcs=false" didn't work like it was supposed to, and villagers spawned anyways.

I added a plugin to disable trading with villagers.
+1 on making me feel like I did nothing. Big Grin
I don't get the point in removing trades.
People say that it is because they don't have villages near them which is just a load of rubbish.
It's like saying they don't have good trade goods near them.
Don't complain about not being bothered to look for villages.
Villager trades are PERFECTLY FAIR...

- Jackdm
Villager trades are not fair. They break the economy by providing a near-limitless supply of funds.
It is very different from Trade Goods, which tend to be very balanced in distribution and benefits.

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