ASP APE Level 1000 and Beyond
Just wanted to leave this here to share a recent project over at ASP's Advanced Potato Engineering division. Looks like tuberous-fueled hyper level infrastructure has been stabilized and the benefits are being reaped at this very moment. Our scientists are assuring us that the prospects are bright, although there have been concerns regarding the containment and potential spread of the technology. A glowing spawn rat was seen dashing between lavacasts last week by members of the community, which, for the record, is in no way connected to this advancement. Regardless we will be pushing ahead full throttle into the horizon.

[Image: vO0EQdZ.png]

Disclaimer: If you're experimenting with ecstasy, or any recreational drug in general, ASP recommends for you to be conscientious about who you acquire said material from (hopefully a trusted and experienced friend) and the setting in which you consume. Be sure to stay hydrated and to take in quantities below recommended to see how it uniquely affects your own chemistry before proceeding. ASP does not encourage stupid, potentially life-altering decisions by those under legal age. Stay in school. Do cool shit.
Ahh nice to see some good Ol ASP in this cluster fuck period of MTA
holy shit how
Ok yeah just saw the photo holy shit
Holy shit ur at level 1000!

(screenshot of room lovely btw, shame about the person in chat mentioning drug use)

Seriously kids... don't do drugs- synthetic street drugs are significantly more dangerous than they used to be since they started getting manufactured in China (and since manufacturers started inventing new drugs to get around existing laws). If you were to buy drugs sold as "ecstasy" nowadays you are most likely taking an untested substance that didn't exist a year ago.
"Complexity, is just a lot of Simplicity"
Hmm, not too shabby.

Choco you need to do an update to the ASP base thread. Where is the fabulous room pictured in the screenshot relative to the other parts of the ASP base? Don't tell me you removed the slime block trampoline to make space for this new build. Jumping on the ASP slime trampoline was number 4 on my MT bucket list.....
Pretty cool shit could you be able to say that going to the world border is better than this I'm currently sitting at 10mil Big Grin
A haiku for ASP:

I am back, part time
I miss all of ASP
Let's get physical
Good to see ya around again Smile

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