MPC #2
MPC2 was the best event by far!
It was held exactly 1 week after the first one, and was actually planned and organised in advance, not just on the day like MPC1.
The whole community got behind this project, and pulled together to make something memorable.

There were 3 fights scheduled for this event
MPC Fight 1 - Jss05a and N3xtlevel (MPC Title fight)
MPC Fight 2 - IpqpIqpqI and _TristanMichael (MPC Title fight)
MPC Fight 3 - Battle Royale (Open to all, winner got Infinity Godset)

The Old Pyramid (-166 -166)
They renovated one of the oldest buildings on the map, which had existed since before I even joined this server!
You can see Sand Towers City in the background of this pic
[Image: MPC2_Arena3.jpg]
There was a VIP room which you could pay to watch the fight from
[Image: mpc2_arena_vip.jpg]
Or you watch the fight for free from this area here
[Image: MPC2_Arena1.jpg]

Traders set up shops for the public to use before and between fights. The centre of this pic shows Mrs Weed's betting stand, and to the right you can see QwQ_tw's block store. There was also a shop selling food and t-shirts
[Image: MPC_Mrs_Weed_betting_stand.jpg]
"Complexity, is just a lot of Simplicity"
Hacks were allowed in all fights, with the only rule of the Title fights being no-enderchests.
The Battle Royal was a little different, with the rule being no gear or potions allowed at all, only food.


jss05a beats N3xtlevel!
Jss successfully defended the ✯ΞMPCΞ✯ badge, achieving an impressive unbeaten record of 2:0
The fight was a long one, with N3xtlevel burning through 4 sets of armour before forgetting to Gapple.
[Image: mpc+fight%201closeup.jpg]

IpqpIpqpI beats _TristanMichael
Another long fight, which ended when Tristan ran out of gapples.
Ipq won the only ✯ΞMPCΞ✯ badge given out in MPC2 (because Jss already had the badge from MPC1)
[Image: mpc_fight_2b.jpg]
[Image: mpc_fight_2c.jpg]

JamieBhoy wins Battle Royal!
6 players entered the Battle Royal, but fairly quickly there were only two remaining: Sage and Jamiebhoy. It was at this point that Sage realised she had no chance of winning as Jamiebhoy was using reach hacks, whereas Sage was using no hacks, which meant that she couldn't get close enough to actually hit him!
[Image: MPC2+noob%20brawl2.jpg]
Jamiebhoy won the following prize:
[Image: 254ba608db.jpg]
"Complexity, is just a lot of Simplicity"
Security was excellent at this event, with no disruption aside from someone managing to fly a TNT bomber over the arena before the start of the Battle Royal
"Complexity, is just a lot of Simplicity"
Still pissed that me and BuzzWeedle didn't get credit for renovating the pyramid and it all went to TDK. Pfft
Buzzlam ruined that event in the first place... soooo.....
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