Day 1 - Thoughts of a Nerd
Hello, everyone! As a lot of you apparently know, I am a small Minecraft YouTuber who will soon be recording on this server.

As today was the first time I did anything more than ask questions about the server itself, I thought I'd leave my thoughts on it.


Due to the purposefully unwelcoming response I got from a few of you on my introduction post, I expected that upon my joining the server, I would get a bit of hate. However, to my surprise, upon spawning in I was immediately swarmed with PMs and people giving me items such as god apples and god gear. Of course, there was some hate in chat, but mostly it was positive.

Shocked, I released my Discord so that I could actually read what everyone was saying (chat was moving too fast). A few people messaged me on there, but most just wanted me to follow them. Eventually I decided to follow a group; unfortunately I don't recall who. They wanted to bring me to base with them.

However, I was soon notified by multiple people that I was going to be bed-trapped, and sure enough, a few hundred blocks later I was strongly encouraged to get into a bed. I didn't, of course, but stayed around out of curiosity and was soon killed by an end crystal.

After that, the ruse of kindness dropped and I was killed repeatedly upon respawn before I could move. At another point, a couple of creeps stalked me on the web to try and find my personal information. However, eventually I managed to escape into the nether and met up with someone who led me to an old base of theirs. I was also supplied with food. This person gave me tips and allowed me to log off peacefully.


The day was hectic, but it really gave an overview of the server. There are some awful people here, that's for sure, but that's life, isn't it? All these years of history and ruins - it invokes something in me similar to what I felt as I watched the epics of 2b2t.

Now more than ever, I am determined to explore what this server has built up and created. I am ready to make my mark and push through the haters. I am excited, I am energized, and the real adventure starts this Friday as episode 1 hits YouTube.

I will see you all online! Have a great day. (:
Jeffrey, my man, your friend dragonlover writes shitty fanfictions. You should really tell them that grammar is a thing.
Glad to see that it all went well at the end of the day.
Hawt Doggo
(04-23-2017, 09:48 PM)Xenobyte73 Wrote: Glad to see that it all went well at the end of the day.

Thank you. (:
> certain creeps

not remnant or Qthats for sure
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