Nerdie's Departure
This is posted in another thread, but I thought I'd make it more obvious and visible by creating a new one.

Well, the argument can end here, because I'm leaving.

I'd like to thank the people who helped me through the last few days and also thank those who stayed in the background, respecting that I held my ground. I would continue to do so if doing so would not risk harm to my loved ones. However, after a lot of thinking and panic attacks, I have decided that the criminals I am up against aren't worth the effort nor risk involved in staying here. I will be joining another anarchy server with a lot less possible danger, and will record there instead.

I suppose I should congratulate people like Remnant, QwQ, and the others who took part in this stalking and threatening. You've won, good job. You made a 16 year old kid leave a Minecraft server. I hope you are proud of yourselves.

I hope the rest of you will either leave or decide to stop paying attention to these criminals, and anyone who is sick of this crap (I've been told I am certainly not the only one who has had this experience) is welcome to join me on the currently undecided anarchy server I will be switching to. However, it is no longer my concern what goes on in this place.

Police are still involved and aware of the situation, in case any of you were considering one last "hoorah" against me. I will remain attentive of any suspicious calls, viruses, emails, etc. and will contact authorities if necessary.

I hope you have all enjoyed the hell I have been through these past few days. I have shaken and teared up quite a lot since this has happened. If I'm considered weak for that, so be it. I really don't care at this point. Have fun "kek"ing and "ez"ing in the posts after this thread.

Adios and happy dupeing,
So, I'll have this to say then Atar should close thread because that's all there's gonna be said
> kek
> crybaby
> bye
> ez
> faggot
> told you so
> I'm sure interpol will get into action for intercontinental pizza ordering
> Don't come back pl0x
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Can I just bump this thread and be happy how I got the shout out here together with Nyar? Good times, good times.

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Not sure why you're bumping this thread... was hardly a happy time. Made me and a few other players stop playing, and in the end it seems that:

1. The Anarchy server could actually do with a few more players
2. NerdieBirdie actually wouldn't have had much of an effect at all... most his videos don't even pass 300 views.

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Cuz crimson and Nyar got scared we would form an army we had em at our side kek
Did I fucking ask?

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