Nerdie's Departure
(01-04-2018, 06:30 AM)QwQ_tw Wrote: You see, this is something you Chad-ballsucking cucks don't get. The doxxing that occured to shoo NerdieBirdie away didn't have anything to do with him being a youtuber. Some even fabricated a rumor saying Nerdie was the new rusher, but that was just to create a hate-mob against Nerdie pre-Doxxx. The actual reason Nerdie got cucked was simply because of the way he profiled himself on the forums and how he acted even before he had even played on this server. He shat all over anarchy and then acted all nice and christian just to trigger us and have the moral highground. For Nyar it was the fact he ended every sentence with "Smile". Everyone warned him, everyone told him not to keep that attitude on, he ignored it (with plenty "Smile") and got cucked for it.


You see, this is anarchy, where two phrases rule:
Talk shit get hit
Play stupid games, get stupid prizes

And that is exactly what nerdie did and we warned him beforehand. Killing and grieving in game is a whole diffrent thing then personally disrespecting and shitting over people just because you think you're anonymous behind your PC. That's another thing you dumbasses don't comprehend. He didn't raid or kill anyone, that's in-game stuff. The complaint that this is just a game and shouldnt go outside of minecraft gets severly discredited because this whole quarrel wasn't BECAUSE of minecraft, it was personal. You can't talk shit to people either online OR IRL. Thinking youre safe behind ur PC will get punished and that's just how life works, regardless of the fact that we played on the same server. Most of the beef was actually on the forum and discord, so don't tell me it was all minecraft related and we took it out of there. It was a beef via forum and discord and the thing that got us together was a MC server. That is diffrent. We didn't doxxx someone because he raided or griefed us or anything else minecraft related (also not to "save" our server, that was just to create mob mentality)

Hope I spelled it out good for you morons today and this forum post dies down for once and all. I am proud of what happened here and it was a skillfull doxxx.

Cya; Q

Actually that sounds believable. Using mob mentality to attack someone's reputation sounds pretty Remmy but idrgaf so adios let this thread die etc
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