Chad hands in his notice
Back in November last year people thought I'd quit this server. Actually I knew myself that I hadn't quit, I was just depressed IRL and spent like 2 months in bed.

I told people afterwards that if I ever quit this server, I'll post a proper message on the forums. Well... this is that message.

I didn't plan/want to quit at this time for the following reasons:
  • I love this server
  • I now have a nice dupe stash
  • I have put time, money and effort into this server (not as much as Atar of course)
  • This MineTexas project is great for me to work out why I'm particularly bad at doing IRL tasks
  • I was about to start a new frat with Remnant (SDC) which is similar to SBC but builds bases for new players to stay at over 20k out.
And that's exactly what I was doing... I emailed Atar asking for an SDC subforum, went to the shop, then logged on the server.

Sadly when I logged onto the server I was greeted by awful news. A few of the regular players had decided to not only dox a new player, but also act on that information and cause IRL harassment to him. They overstepped the line so much that the victim feared for his life and called the police (and was fully justified in doing so).

This made me think about if I can continue my MineTexas Anarchy project. After much thought I have decided that I have no choice but to quit for the following reasons...
  1. Not a game I want to play for these stakes: It's not that I'm a pussy and don't want to play a game that can affect my real life- but if I was going to play a game where I simultaneously hide my identity and try find out others, I'd be doxxing pedophiles or heroin dealers. I have no interest in playing such a game in order to stop certain kids from playing on certain minecraft servers.
  2. Not a community I want to support: I feel very strongly that doxxing and IRL harassment is a horrible thing to do to someone, and either the (small subset of) the community didn't realise this, or didn't care about it. Either way I don't want to associate myself with people who cause someone such damage for such a small reason. Some people were bragging and laughing about what they did to this poor person, and it makes me feel sick.
  3. Not a server I feel I can promote: When I joined this server 2 years ago it was a ghost town. 0,0 was a spruce forest and there was no netherhub. From the start I have been working on promoting the server through spawn building, forum posts, setting up an economy, and just being an all-round welcoming guy. Now however I worry that if I cause a new person to come to this server, there's a small chance that he could suffer the same harassment I spoke about previously
  4. It could happen to me: This is the last reason, and to be clear I'm not particularly worried about being doxxed and harassed myself, as I have good relations with the regulars on this server. However I also have bipolar, which means sometimes I can come up with some crazy ideas and just go ahead and attempt them without much thought to the consequences. What if I decided to create a =reddit= badge and promote the server on that famous front page of the internet!? Given that I now have a dupe stash I could very quickly build a reddit army and let them loose on the server. Now this is an idea that I had but didn't act upon... I decided it was silly, but if I'd had this idea when suffering a bipolar high I'd perhaps go ahead with it. Maybe I would end up with pizza deliveries coming to my door throughout the day and that would really mess with someone suffering from mental illness.
I don't want to quit without tying up the loose ends I have created with various projects. I have decided that 2 more months playing on the server should be enough time to finish my current projects and give away my dupe stash. This means that starting July 1st 2017 I will no longer log in to MineTexas Anarchy.

I may continue to edit/create forum posts for perhaps a month after that.

During that time I will give away my dupe stash, build a couple of epic things near spawn, and say my goodbyes.

I'm not angry with anyone, it's just a project that I have to end prematurely.

I'm not planning to join another server, in fact I'm probably going to stop playing minecraft all together.
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Anarchy has changed quite a bit over the years. It clearly isn't the same dead server it was when it first started. When Chad and the others showed up a few years back, I was excited. This could be a new breath of life into the otherwise monotony that is running a few Civcraft servers, a dead Factions server, and a handful of other servers. I've had the most fun with MineTexas interacting with the Anarchy players. This is no longer the case. For the first time in a long while, there's this voice in the back of my mind asking me why I still bother to host this server for a bunch of kids.

This whole incident should be a wake up call to the players on this server. Part of what makes Minecraft fun, and MineTexas is no exception, is the community that has grown around it. To see that community turn hostile against a single player for no reason does not speak well of the players on MineTexas. The fault for this lies fully with the players responsible. Such is the nature of the lack of rules. It all eventually devolves into chaos.

We'll miss you Chad. Hope you find some peace.
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ataranlen Wrote:Such is the nature of the lack of rules. It all eventually devolves into chaos.

Yeah it's like the server needs a no-doxxing rule, but it would be completely unworkable. You'd have to ban people for merely the threat of doxxing, or even joking about doxxing.

I've only ever wanted to play anarchy minecraft, but it seems that there will always be players who overstep the boundaries of the game and take it too far. That's why I've decided to quit minecraft completely rather than move to another server... this isn't just a Minetexas Anarchy problem.
"Complexity, is just a lot of Simplicity"
It's kind of sad for you to be writing this, but I'll be there for your departure Chad. I think we've known each other since March 2015, when we first met and based together on 2b2t. If you had never rescued me from spawn on 2b2t, I don't think that I would have found Minetexas at all. I suppose the real adventure started on 2b2t and has been carried onto Minetexas. I never forgot how you basically gifted me a base during my first week on Minetexas anarchy. So if this is your plan, I'll stick with you for the last two or three months.

Hawt Doggo
logged in just now to build at spawn and someone is spamming an imgur album with personal facebook photos of A DIFFERENT player on the server, with his real name and also minecraft names.

The logic used was "he shouldn't be playing on here".

The previous victim was young at 15/16, but this poor kid looks much younger, like 12.

The way I feel now I'm not sure I even want to play for another 2 months like my original post just said.
"Complexity, is just a lot of Simplicity"
Chad thats an old doxxx you never even mentioned, its whz's. Now I dont have a lot to dot with that, but it seems to me the server is overreacting a huge deal as a doxxx isnt new and there's the proof: that's a really old doxx. It has been something of all time, even of internet in general, and hope Chad will reconsider. If you do not, I wish you well and I'll be emailing you Chad.
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At the end of the day it is your decision whether you want to leave or stay. I was going to try sway it, but that doesn't seem very right.
Anyways, thanks for being a chill guy and being a great friend on here.
Good luck in the future
Call me Great Old Mr. Wilson if you want
Peace out Chad, all the best with the future. MTA has slowly become more and more cancerous, its like a room filling up with gas- you don't notice the smell until its too late.
Back in 2014 the good ole days i remember the hidden path and Nyar and me were like the only people on the server. Are base was only 13k out and was untouched until the rushers came. Back then people were reasonable. If it was night time we would agree to sleep in our beds. Back then was a peaceful land. But now all has change everything is shit nobody is nice and spawn is a mess.
I live in a vault where i never see sunlight.
Damn this really sucks :/

It's a realll shame to see you go... I'd probably still be wasting time killing newfags at spawn if it wasn't for SBC and other projects like that that YOU started.

It is a shit hole rn, and I've had my part to play in that shithole-ness but I'm hoping everything will blow over and the server will get a fresh start soon.

I wish you the best in the *real world*

Cya Chad

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