Dice Roll Command
So I was on the server today and I was giving the infinity badge out to regulars/oldfags that could guess a dice roll correctly.

I was literally rolling a real dice in real life, and typing the result in chat.

Although I was telling the truth every time, there was one person on the server who didn't believe me and thought I was making the whole thing up.

It hurts when you're being honest but people think you're lying.

So my suggestion is that there is a /roll command so a player can make a public and fair roll. I'd suggest 1-10 or 1-100. 1-6 is also pretty cool, but maybe 00-99 is best because you can get "dubs"

But to make it fair, it should always be the same dice/roll and must be obvious that it wasn't a /me2 command.
Suggested cooldown: 1 min

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*Chad rolled a '1' on his d20.*
Chad fell out of the world.

Could be fun Big Grin I know you mean just rolls in chat. Should be fairly easy to add on.
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*Noudie rolls a agility roll*
*Noudie rolled a d20 : 1*

Noudie tripped so hard his corpse turned into a black hole
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