I won't make much song and dance about it, but this time I'm leaving for reals. I'd like to say that Nyar caused this by running a universal smear campaign of calling me a pedophile, which is fucked up and wrong on an infinity of levels, then leaking private chats, smearing private information about me, accusing Hybrid of being a pedophilic group, leading many of the kindest, nicest people I know to quit because every day when they'd log on they'd be told to their face that they were child molesters and pedophiles. Not only this, as is obvious, he's treated NerdieBirdie absolutely atrociously, and deliberately attempted to get him kicked out of school for emailing hentai porn to his principal, deliberately trying to fuck up his life.

When I joined this server 15 months ago, I joined to trade, to get to know the community, to one day be respected for building well, or trading smartly, or making gear, and at this point I'd like to thank everyone, particularly Chad, Nulz, N3xt, and all the other wonderful members of Hybrid who shared that now outdated view of the server and the game and made my time here enjoyable. I'll miss them, and this post is equally a eulogy for Hybrid, which is breaking up after we were accused almost continually for weeks by itsbowlingshoes, Itz_David and others of pedophilia.

Nyar and his minions have turned this server into a hell hole where doxing is allowed, where people think that it is in any way ok to harass a passive group of friends for existing on the same server as you. This isn't the way minecraft should be, and this isn't the game I fell in love with

I'd like to ask Atar or Chad to lock this thread and prevent the hating and the shitposting that I will undoubtedly get, accusing me of being a pedophile and citing a set-up, out of context comment as proof of me being a child molester. I'd also like one of you to delete all my forum posts, but if you don't want to, I can just delete them myself if needs be.

Enjoy your server Nyar, you win, simply because I lack the emotional strength or durability to fight you anymore, though I honestly don't see why Atar funds it any more.

You won't be able to contact me.
Nyar did nothing to nerdiebirdie retard
Idk what to put here
. . . .
Hawt Doggo
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Dude, you were the guy getting all excited about fucking up nerdie berdie.... tad hypocritical....
help me change my tag
See ya SirJohn , although I think you kinda hate me , I enjoyed your company Fair Well Good Sir

p.s : read my pm
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That PM 100% is asking for John's shit.
help me change my tag
Dang sad to see you go... also sad to hear all your forum posts will be going Sad

I've very much enjoyed playing with you... you did more than just build bases... you were a great part of the server metagame

ciao, and good luck for the future! Smile
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(05-13-2017, 08:08 AM)AmusingGoose Wrote: That PM 100% is asking for John's shit.

you're the animal here , I really wouldnt like johns excrement , I have crumpets to enjoy
"A tree , Its just a lot of shrubbery" - NoudieDX 2k15
Even though I'm pretty sure you ignored me for majority of my time on here, sad to see you go, just as I will be soon.
Suck my Dick!

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