Makeing natural Wonders And mystic ones Also some Normal buildable Ones to
Mystic Wonders Can only find 1 On Any map MUst Be in civ borders to be active

Witchers Tree    
Buff Every 24 hours spawns 1 Pot Invisible increased Time
Debuff -10 happiness
Buff Incrase Beakers By 5%

fountain of youth    
buff Increase Happiness By 10
buff When your in your civs borders You get regen 1
debuff Growth Decrease by 25% Civ wide

River of Styx    
debuff - 20 happiness Cause No one Wants the River Of death outside Big Grin
Buff When your in your Civs borders You get resistance 1
Buff Spawns 1 Strength Pot every 24 hours increased time

Events For towns

Rare Chance to happen
Spawns Diamond and Lava In the middle

Cords Of These Are x -1176 y 78 z -457

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