History, curious.
Hey, I know I'm a newfag etc but just wondering about a few things, 
1: are there actually any mesa biome?
2:has Wilson ever killed anyone without provocation? 
3: has David always been an asshole? 
4: are all the oldfags leaving? 
5: will this map really continue indefinitely (because I've got big plans)
6: why can't I join the sbc? 
7:anyone got the seed?  Big Grin
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1. yeah head north in the nether 1400, then head east 700
2. seriously doubt it... Wilson's battles seem to involve the natural mobs, and sadly he seems to be losing that fight
3. I don't consider him an asshole
4. nah there's enough oldfags staying
5. that's up to Atar... and also the server I suppose (I mean heck if Atar actually made a profit out of this I doubt he would consider shutting it down ever)
6. Wilson runs SBC now... you need to be a neutral spawn builder
7. Just Atar
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If you want more info check out the "Unabridge History of MTA" in the history thread
"Simplicity, is just a lack of complexity." ~Cruzbones, circa 2016.
No plans exist to sunset the anarchy server under any conditions. It is our most popular playstyle and is beloved by many. What most people don't understand about MineTexas, I actually own the hardware that the servers run on. If MineTexas never made another penny, it would still be reasonable to keep the servers online for many years. The only reason I would shut things down is if Microsoft forced us to do so.

Your best bet for joining the SBC is to be a respectable member of the server who helps build around spawn.

As far as the seed, I've been lucky enough to have never leaked it in the 5.5 years of this server being around.
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Props to Atar for not losing the seed tbh.
"Simplicity, is just a lack of complexity." ~Cruzbones, circa 2016.
Cheers, and yes, props
I think I've just been spawnkilled by David too much.
Free the people of Kekistan! 
Yeah honestly he is an asshole to many Chad is just too kind to everyone

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