SBC from June onwards
With Chad leaving, I now have leadership of SBC (Spawn Builders Collective) and also the branch group, SDC (Spawn Development Consortium). This is going to be my plan for what I'm doing with SBC in the future, and I'm going to be making another post soon for SDC.

For SBC, I want to mainly stick to what we have been doing already with the nice-looking recreational builds and helpful builds but focus more on the latter by working more on spawn infrastructure with roads, easier food sources, yada yada.

Also, regarding membership of SBC, I'm not going to be working on an application basis. To get in, you are going to have to get chosen by me. Another member could recommend you to me. For the time that we used applications, it was crazy with people asking to join, and I want to keep the group fairly exclusive. To get considered to join you would need to have been playing for over three months, build worthwhile things at spawn often, not spawnkill or kill without good reason and be respected to a reasonable degree by the people in the collective.

Finally I'm going to talk about neutrality and pacifism. I saw that there was quite a bit of confusion on what people in SBC could do without being kicked from it, and I want to clear that up now. Put simply, don't kill people without good reason. I don't want the group to be completely pacifist because then it could just get beaten up freely. Fight back if you really have to but don't go around just starting pvp shit.

TL;DR: GoodOldMrWilson now runs SBC, we will be focusing more on spawn infrastructure, you have to be chosen to join and members shouldn't kill without good reason
Call me Great Old Mr. Wilson if you want
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Glad to see SBC isn't changing much at all Smile

As for SDC... well that never actually started, so I'll put it out there that I can change the colours of the badge and even the letters if you ask me to
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Big Grin SBC sticking to the basics and what it does best
gay porn? that's what sbc does best
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