ReklysRekware can no longer fly!
What!? You could fly!!?? I hear you say

Yes. Yes I could.

I was terraforming land with Noudie back in February when I discovered that I could fly using wurst client. He asked me exactly what client/version/launcher/otherhacks I had but we couldn't replicate it for him.

That's when I tried logging into my other accounts (of which I have 8 total) and realised that for some reason ONLY ReklysRekware had this weird ability.

I could only think of two reasons why:
  1. Perhaps Atar secretly gave me the ability without me asking or him telling me
  2. Perhaps it was related to when ReklysRekware got stuck in-between the Overworld and End for many days (emailed Atar about it, its possible he did something to get me out)
So what to do? Well at this point in minetexas history, shulker shells were really rare so it was decided that I would keep quiet about the fly ability for a while and raid End Cities for SBC. The plan was to raid all Cities in diagonals up to 100k then come clean.

I was halfway through that goal when the donkey dupe came out... I duped a lot of building blocks so it seemed like a good idea to at least keep fly for building big monoliths at spawn and decorate lavacasts (The Vents and nearby stained glass lavacast was done with help from fly).

Then of course some muppets decided that it was ok to dox and harrass other minetexas players so I decided to leave anarchy. My main plan at this point was to distribute my dupe stash to as many players as possible, and having the ability to fly was making that so easy.

And this is where EnglishClass/itsbowlingshoes (CallMeJizz) started getting upset. Normally I would have to make plans to avoid him at spawn, like go through the nether, or position accounts ahead of time when he's not on. With fly ability I'd simply type /spawn and fly up high. I didn't even bother eating a god apple... There was simply nothing he could do.

He said he was going to tell Atar that I was "abusing fly" and use the time when me and Sias had a gentleman's PVP fight at spawn as proof that I something had to be done. (actually I offered to turn off fly for PVP with Sias but he declined and still beat me every time. Turns out you deal less damage when flying)

Anyway, I logged on this morning and I can't fly, so that's the end of that.

It would be cool to hear from Atar if he reads this as to why I could fly in the first place... we're all dying to know! Smile
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I don't remember the exact reason, but you had NCP bypass permissions on that account.
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very interesting indeed... I wonder why! Smile
I got to assume it was due to the time the account got stuck trying to get into the End (probably due to NCP), as you didn't tell me you were letting me fly and I didn't ask for it. Also ReklysRekware is not even my main account.

Also I assume the reason the NCP bypass was removed was because of EnglishClass complaining to you like he told me he would?

Edit: you don't need to answer that question... It needed to be removed eventually anyway, I would have told you myself if I wasn't quitting the server in 2-3 weeks and wanting to hide little bits of dupe stash all around the place.
"Complexity, is just a lot of Simplicity"
Time to start searching spawn 4 dupe stash riches because i'm poor like itz david
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The amazing Rekly has lost his power, is this a sign of the coming Revelatar? (why can anything biblical be made into a pun so easily)
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Several observations made about this post

1.)Appears to just be a "reveal" of the aforementioned ability to fly, quickly becomes passive-agressive damage control.
2.)Using the smiley emoji
3.)Clear attempts at making yourself seem as out of the way for any issue as possible with repeat statements that essentially add up to "gee, I sure didn't ask for this and have no connection to anything"
4.)Repeat mention of bowling in what you will pretend is just you "asking" who ended up ratting you out, which is supported by your statements that your use of fly was directly beneficial to the server's well-being via SBC projects (one project, not much else, IE the tube things)
Tl;dr-He says it wasn't that big of a deal, it was helpful for SBC, bowling overreacted and acted petty when he found out chad had fly, plus "he was leaving anyways"
Bowling acting petty????

help me change my tag

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