Bible of Atar (King James' Fanfiction)
So I revisited my old Bible of Atar text document and realized it was kinda shit. Here's the better version that took me three days write and edit. Enjoy!
P.S. Each individual chapter will be made into separate books in Minecraft instead of the entire Bible as I attempted with my previous document.

And there was, Atar. Who is, that He is, for He has always been. Timeless the universe was, Atar created: time. And with time, birthed Spawn. What set forth from the Spawn was a world; with size, shape, and form. From nothing to something, from anything to everything; the universe was created. With a cloud layer above and a void below, time and matter, became relative. Texas, was born.

Now these lands of Texas were still, quiet, and alone. So Atar then gave Spawn the power to create players in His image but with lesser ability; whereas Atar can fly, the creations of Spawn may not. Whereas Atar can destroy instantaneously, the creations of Spawn may not. These creations of Spawn are referred to as the Texans. And Atar had given Spawn the ability to choose the destiny of whom it created. The Spawn had created the fags, whose destinies would be to migrate across Texas, settle, and conquer. Then the Spawn had created the rats, whose destinies were only to be slain by the fags, with a short, and meaningless life.

And so Atar looked upon the face of what He had created, and He thought that it was good. So He named it, "MineTexas Anarchy".

Son of Spawn
Now the fags had grown in number, but Atar still remained alone. The Spawn had seen Atar's loneliness and so; it created a fag solely for Atar. For Spawn so loved Atar, that it sent its one and only son to be the envoy of Him. Lesser in Atar's power but equal in influence, the Spawn decided His name to be; Chad.

But Chad was not only sent for Atar, for Chad had a message to the citizens. To bring peace and unity to all Texas, a global currency was needed. During the time of Chad, the economy was traditional. Some currencies existed but were not used globally. So Chad taught the Texans to use Diamond Blocks as currency in all Texas.

Chad had flown through the skies, laying down roads wherever He went. He brought to the peasant fags living in hardship great bargains on which they could survive by. The wondrous Chad brought infrastructure to Texas, and changed its future history forever.

One day, an idea was created. One single idea, that would prove difficult to become a reality. But Spawn had decided to give Texans freewill, and so Texans may accomplish whatever they deem necessary. Through strategies of warfare and economic manipulation, a global government was born; Zineon. Zineon had a single goal; to unite all Texas and every fag that grazed upon its soil to raise the banner of Zineon, and hail before its leader.

Now all of Texas was led by a single fag, who held absolute influence over the entire world. But Spawn had become angry that many fags deemed themselves worthy enough to live in the Kingdom of Spawn. So Spawn began to create fags who would have their destinies to destroy Zineon. But now stability had reigned over Zineon, and its doomsday was a faint fantasy in the minds of its civilians.

The civilians of the great city Raw Ocelot had worshipped a false Atar, a religion where only Atar controls all Texas and not the holy trinity; Atar, Chad, and Spawn. The false Atarists congregated in the Church of Atar, unknowing of the trickery they have fallen to. The civilians had become lovers of vanity, where vanity represented the light of Atar instead of peasants' clothing such as leather armor.

Now Zineon had faced its destruction. Griefers were spread across the entireity of Zineon, bringing the Light of Atar upon the face of the great city. And a mighty griefer took up his pickaxe, saying, "Thus with such violence shall the great city Raw Ocelot be griefed down, and shall be found no more at all". Those who had still worshipped Zineon and its leader were cast into bedtraps, to burn for eternity.

The Great Flood
Now the fags have spread apart from Zineon, to live in their own bases. However Spawn was not at rest, for it was still angry with the Texans. So it decided to release a retribution plague to teach the fags never to colonize the Kingdom of Spawn ever again.

So thousands of rats were released from the Spawn into Texas, eating upon its creations, overgrazing its lands, and bringing disease such as cancer with them. While many of the rats were being slain with thousands of heads being claimed as trophies and sold throughout Texas, ultimately, no spawn-killing militia could stop the weight of the rats. And they only went by a single name, identified by every Texan far and wide; as the Rushers.

The great flood touched every corner of Texas. Some luckier Rushers would make it far enough to grief some fags' bases, while others would attempt basing under the Kingdom of Spawn, to turn as pale as moonlight just to starve of a lack of food. The fags' that would attempt to stop the great flood would spawnkill as much as possible, but it wouldn't help, as the Rushers would bring disease such as cancer upon the spawnkillers.

Now the flood had subsided, and the fags that lived close to the Kingdom of Spawn were to repair the damages done to their bases, whilst holding many heads as their own trophies. The spawnkilling industry had started to subside, as there weren't as many rats appearing from Spawn. There was only a single message learned by all fags, to never colonize the Kingdom of Spawn, ever again.

(Last chapter has been deleted due to uh...copyright claims ig)

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Way too inaccurate to really pass for much of a bible, tbh.
Liked everything but the last chapter
help me change my tag
Can I book a book?
When it's ready.
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(06-17-2017, 05:11 AM)AmusingGoose Wrote: Liked everything but the last chapter

Yeah went ahead and deleted that
"Simplicity, is just a lack of complexity." ~Cruzbones, circa 2016
(06-17-2017, 02:34 PM)DB40000 Wrote: Can I book a book?
When it's ready.

Which one do you want? At the moment I only have "Genesis" and "Revelatar"
"Simplicity, is just a lack of complexity." ~Cruzbones, circa 2016
Both, what you want for it?
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Chad is our jesus lol
He had a cult of ppl doing his bidding
At the end he chooses to die for our doxxing sins (he might even return from the dead later)
Kek well if Chad is Jesus Nyar is Muhammad and I am a muslim
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allah akbar
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(06-18-2017, 04:09 AM)DB40000 Wrote: Both, what you want for it?

/msg me online to negotiate, I'm on pretty much all the time and if I'm not just wait a few hours
"Simplicity, is just a lack of complexity." ~Cruzbones, circa 2016

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