[UPDATE] Imperial Coin Changes
Although I would consider the introduction of the currency to be a success, there were some kinks in the system that need to be iron'd out. These will be the following changes:

1. Original copies will no longer be legal tender. Instead, copy of a copy will become the new legal tender. It is much easier on us the printers to create currency.

2. Because of this change, the currency books will now stack, making it easier to manage.

3. Because of this new change, books dated June 25 2017 will be invalidated and will no longer be legal tender. However, if you were an early adopter, I will provide you with a new legal copy of your Imperial Coin free of charge.

All other rules set forth in the original post still stand: https://www.minetexas.com/minecraft-serv...p?tid=1536

Thank you all!


Also credit to ChadDX for suggesting this change!
Can't people just copy their copies? Andd if the legal tender is the copies of a copy then anyone can make them.
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no they can't... it goes;

1. Original
2. Copy of original
3. Copy of copy

then it stops... you can't copy a "copy of a copy" because a "copy of a copy of a copy" doesn't exist in the game.
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Pretty cool idea guys, it's actually one I considered back in the days I was trying to help fix what couldn't be fixed. One problem I ran into with the book idea was what do you do when a dupe hits? You've addressed this already by saying you'll make all currency after the dupe no longer useable and you will reissue new valid currency.

This is where I gave up on the idea. Because how do you reissue new money to people without some sort of record of EVERY transaction in the server's existence?

Without that record, you're going to have gobs of people saying to refund them money they didn't have in the first place. MAJOR inflation would be the result, and its a shit ton of work for the bank to reprint everything. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but this system as cool as it is, is just as susceptible to a dupe as any other item out there. It will work for the time being, since original copies can only be made by you, but when the dupe hits you'll be back at square one. Being a bank and printing money only works if people trust the bank to keep their money safe and to retain its value. Without that transaction record, you won't be able to do either, and that user trust will be very limited.

Unless I'm missing something and you've solved something I never could Smile
The dupe issue is a serious one, and something that any item-based currency will fall victim to.

The easiest way to minimise dupe risk is to make it uneconomical to dupe the currency... so making sure a full stack of books (16) is not worth as much as a full stack of Gapples/Crystals/beacons etc

However this doesn't stop someone purposely duping shit loads of currency just for the kekkles as a grief.

The solution to that situation would be out-duping the currency attacker, so that for every stack of currency they dupe you have at least a stack of valuable items. There is no certainty that the currency minter would be able to out-dupe the currency attacker however.

So the final line of defence would be a limit on the maximum amount of currency a player is able to convert with the imperial bank, so that duping more than a chest of currency becomes useless.

it's an interesting idea, i'll certainly be watching to see how it turns out! Smile
"Complexity, is just a lot of Simplicity"

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