Anarchy Personal Safety Guide (10 steps on how to make it harder to dox you)
Playing online computer games should not cause you problems in real life.

Unfortunately, sometimes bad stuff happens. There have been incidents on this very server where players have found and leaked personal information about other players and caused them to worry about going to school or even being in their own house.

Obviously players should not be doing this to others but sadly it is a hard thing to stop. There are no bans on anarchy and it's often hard for police to prosecute the offenders. This is why I have decided to produce this short guide so you can keep yourself safe from these idiots.

1. Don't tell players your real life name, or what City/town you live in. It makes it so easy to track you down on facebook.

2. Be careful of sharing your youtube or other social media service if it displays your real name or it shows your face.

3. Be careful of sharing your email address if you signed up to it with your real name or you've used it in other services. I personally use a separate email for anything minecraft related, and i signed up to it with the name Chad Dx

4. Don't disclose which players you know in real life or go to the same school to.

5. Don't click links in the server chat unless you are 100% sure they are safe. There are websites which have names similar names to image sharing sites but actually give the poster your IP address.

6. Be wary of using unofficial chat channels as some of them can leak your IP address. Discord is safe however... The official minetexas discord is

7. Be careful of joining player-made servers not on the minetexas network. Some of these can be fun or useful, but they do tell the admin of that server your IP address.

8. Don't use the same nickname across multiple websites, as it makes it easy for people to find personal information about you.

9. Be wary of using a client recommended by another player as it might send them your coords or even put a virus on your computer which sends them your personal info.

10. Be wary of sharing unrelated personal hobbies such as music you've written or social clubs you're part of.

Never arrange to meet someone in real life that you met on the server... I mean comon you have no idea who they really are
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Also completely separate... in order to keep your base coordinates safe, don't show exposed bedrock in pictures of your base.
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I never mentioned this before as it's kinda obvious, but I only just realised how dangerous this is.

Do not share a picture of your face... this is because some search engines (not google) allow facial recognition technology in reverse image searches, essentially allowing a doxxer to find ALL images of you that were uploaded to the internet by having access to just a single one.

Most of these images are going to include friends, family and places you go. Some are going to link to your name.

basically the technology exists to use a search engine to get someone's name from a single picture...
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