Syvarisin's Open World CYOA
Welcome to MineTexas's first Forum RPG/CYOA! Here's how things will work...

1.) I'll write a storyline, and leave a Decision-Point (DP) with multiple options.
2.) You all will vote on the options, and the one with the most votes wins.
3.) I'll write the next chapter based on the winner, and then it repeats.

Chapter #001
You are an adventurer, dreaming of one day how he will become known to the world. Would you like to be...

Decision Point!

A.) A space hero, exploring the galaxy and the creatures within it.
B.) A survivor of a Zombie Plague, living in a hostile world.
C.) A hero of the modern world, trying to rid the world of crime.
D.) A classic hero, who crawls dungeons and slays dragons.
[Image: LzwHy0X.gif]
Anyone else?

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