Poll: What should Chad have done?
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Dangit Chad you blatently should have kept the fiver
4 50.00%
Nice one Chad, well done on being honest
4 50.00%
You should have given the money to charity
0 0%
Total 8 vote(s) 100%
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Being too honest IRL
So I was just at Tesco supermarket (biggest retailer in the UK) to purchase some stuff.

It came to £12.37... but I didn't have a 5 pence coin so I gave £12.42

The guy behind the till looked a little confused, so I said "5p change". He looked at the display (which also said 0.05), thought for a bit, then handed me a £5 note.

I gave it back, the employee thanked me, and I walked out of the store.

I then started to wonder if I actually did the right thing  Undecided

Please discuss?
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Just added the poll option of giving it to charity... before I was in 2 minds about it but now I'm in 3!
"Complexity, is just a lot of Simplicity"
Thinking about it now, I would have probably given it back but in the spur of the moment, I really don't know what I'd do. A lot of the time I don't think too far into things, which is something that I actually need to work on I think.
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As an observer, I'd say return the note. But considering £5 of your silly island money is worth a whopping $6.52 (superior) USD at the current exchange rate, I'd probably take the money. Although I don't know how the cashier wouldn't notice his mistake in my situation, seeing as the only note between the $5 dollar bill and the $10 dollar bill is the $6.50 dollar bill. I wouldn't mind the if he didn't hand me my allotted 2¢ coin, seeing as I have plenty of those.
I'm thinking that giving it to charity would have been the most moral thing to do, although that might leave the cashier as a victim (cash register being £5 down normally means a supervisor will talk to you after your shift).

£5 is still fairly small in the scheme of things and it's one of my 3 local shops that I do my grocery shopping at... it doesn't make sense to steal from where you live so in the end I don't regret giving it back.

But dang I thought hard about it afterwards.
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