New wonder buffs.
Well, ill just jump straight into it.
There are a few wonders that are really good (The Great Library, Great Pyramid and Mother tree). 
Rest of the wonders are pretty useless. Lets use The Globe Theatre as an example. 
Cost; 800,000 Coins.
Benefits; Earns 1 culture for every town in the world.
I mean, thats pretty useless isn't it? Civ-War has changed the buffs the wonders gives and makes it funnier to play. I'm not telling you have to copy their buffs but, please do something about the other wonders. If a civ gets GL, GP and MT, thats an instant win, others dont have any chance to beat you.

Wonders that needs to be buffed ; Thanks a lot if you do anything about the wonders.

- Erigion =)
I'm absolutely looking to change things up. Thanks for these suggestions. I wasn't aware CivWar was using some of our MCTXCivcraft wonders.
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Can't wait for the newest wonder updates! =D

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