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Hello, I'm cowchowbaez and I play on the pvp server. A couple years ago i found this server and invited about ten friends to come and play. it was a semi-large server with about 30-35 people on everyday. during one summer most of my friends were banned and they deserved to be banned. but because most of my friends were banned, we left the server as a group. Four months later the server had decreased an enormous amount compared to when i had first played on it. so i used it as a back up server and i didn't play on it much. i didn't get on the server until about a year later when i had nothing better to do and there was like 4 people on and they all said that not many people get on anymore.so i left again and repeated the process but when i got on this past week there were two people on the PVP server. the point is this time i am staying and i want to improve the server as a whole but specifically PVP. i am personally willing to help make the PVP server better. i also have some suggestions like a new spawn. many people join the server and i would welcome them but they would basically say that the spawn sucks and because there wasn't many people online, they would leave. this has happened about 8 times in the past 2 days. a better spawn, a better shop and abetter voting system just helps everybody. because we benefit from voting and the server gets more well known for voting. also there needs to be an admin online more often. because i answer alot of questions people have for the server but there are some questions when i either don't know the answer or because its not in my place to say. i would also be willing to become staff because i will be playing on the server alot. If someone could tell nathan or a staff about this that would be cool and if they could message me back.
-cowchowbaez from PVP
Yeah, I'm aware that PVP has been in severe need of my attention as of late. Civcraft takes up a whole bunch of my time, seeing as I'm developing and expanding my own fork of a plugin now.

I have plans to bring over the same voting system I wrote for Civcraft over to the PVP/PVE servers. Spawn has long been on my list to continue growing. I have over 15 build projects on my plate right now, Spawn on PVE and PVP are at the bottom of that list.

Many of our players from these servers have moved over to our Civcraft server as of late, and I'd like to invite you to do the same.

If you'd like to post specific suggestions, please use the General Suggestions Subforum.
We also have a subforum for applying for staff, as we have several open positions on most of our servers.

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