There have been reports of players scamming other players. While  it is not technicaly against policy to do this it does hurt the players in the game comunity when it happens

So this will be a page to list scammers.

For a scammer to be listed evidence must be provided either chat pictures or by video
I like this idea a lot. hopefully this will be the only form of punishment for them though as its a fair part of civcraft.
whatttttttt scamming should be allowed in pvp server aslong is not rl related or ddosing or leaking ip, or else u will be changing the server to casual XD P.s scamming brings a lot attention to WARS and keeps the server motivated by the scammers.
Scamming is totally allowed, but if someone wants to report a scammer, or contest a report of a scammer, this is the place to do it.
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My civ is scammed because someone hacked my account... But no one listen to me... And no one will help me.

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