Report a cheater
I'm using a translator because I do not speak English.

I want to report the player ERIGION and NOTERIGION, both are the same player.
In wartime this one was transported from one place to another killing who we were attacking, from one end to the other of the map, to be precise of the coordinates -3950 760 to 4850 -3000, this is impossible in that time since the TPA is disabled.
In addition we have the same type of armor, and should not be able to kill with a single blow, it simply has done and when approaching begins to strike without miss the blow.

When we accuse him for the chat of being using cheats he replied that he was doing it because we are 5 and they are 3.

I think this is an illegal action and should be punished, as many players stop playing for these causes.

I do not mind losing if I have a clean opponent, and this character is not.

Spanish version:

Estoy usando un traductor porque no hablo ingles.

Quiero reportar al jugador ERIGION y a NOTERIGION, ambos son el mismo jugador.
En el horario de guerra este se transportaba de un sitio a otro matando a quienes estabamos atacando, de una punta a la otra del mapa, para ser preciso de las coord -3950 760 a 4850 -3000, esto es imposible en ese horario ya que el TPA  esta deshabilitado.
Además tenemos el mismo tipo de armadura, y no deberia poder matar de un solo golpe, simplemente lo ha hecho y al acercarse comienza a pegar sin errar el golpe.

Cuando lo acusamos por el chat de estar usando cheats el mismo respondio que lo estaba haciendo porque nosotros somos 5 y ellos 3.

Creo que esta es una acción ilegal y deberia ser castigado, ya que muchos jugadores dejan de jugar por estas causas.

No me molesta perder si tengo un contrincante limpio, y este personaje no lo es.
Maybe he used the /Home command since it's still working during war time, and the /rules doesn't say anything about that.

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