My History of Mine Texas
Hey Guys!

I want to help contribute to the historical record of the server, so I'd like to give my perspective on what has all happened on the server starting back when I first joined back in summer 2016. Hope you guys enjoy the read!

Server Beginnings/Early Phase

Prior to joining Mine Texas, I was an inactive MC player and really hadn't played the game seriously in years. I won't lie about why I came on the server. I saw Rusher's video on 2b2t and wanted to play on it. As I obviously found out, 2b was full to the brim so I looked for another server, which happened to be Mine Texas. I got Jss on board to join me (Me and Jss met through a friend of a friend type situation, thus solidifying an IRL relationship rather than an online one) as we were both constantly playing games with each other (Civ V to be specific). We first logged on around late June or July. We exited spawn very easily and made our first mob-grinder base were we made our first sets of proper armor. During this small phase Jss started to weave his way into server politics for the first time and we began to trade with players such as piefromheaven.

Middle Phase

After we acquired a decent amount of armor, tools, and materials, we set out to make a semi-permanent base. At the time diamond blocks actually had a lot of value so we could keep most of all our valuables hidden in our echests, so a base not far out actually worked somewhat. We lived there until about August when some players found our base and although not hostile, we decided to GTFO. As far as server politics went, I remember ASP being the main frat with Jss and I somewhat affiliated with them (at this point). 

Late Phase/The Age of Dupes/Departure of Jss

We moved from our old base and founded our now-abandoned Pyramid Base. This base was utilitarian to its core and there was not much there aesthetically (relative to other bases on the server). The goal was to make it so you could AFK grind every farm-able item in the game from one spot. The base wasn't kind on the FPS. This base combined with profits from Jss solidified our position as prominent players on the server. Also in this era, the Killgrave scandal occurred and bolstered our profits even more (remember, db and eb were still currency at this point). MPC was organized during this time and the frat Imperious was created, albeit somewhat a puppet of ASP. We created the Aether base during this time as well. As far as I can tell, this was my favorite era of Mine Texas that I have experienced, as it was full of friends and wealth. The game still had challenge compared to modern dupe-times and it still felt fresh.

The main event that changed the server was the 11/11 dupe. With the recent update to 1.11 (shulkerboxes), this dupe alone was the judge, jury, and executioner for Jss. He played the game for economical and political power (I enjoyed that play style too) and the dupe completely crashed the somewhat organized system the server had going. Although Jss lingered for a while, the damage was done, and he soon left (as far as I can tell) for good.

Post Killgrave Phase/Today

Shortly after Jss left for good, I left our base in pursuit of building a "vault' type base at a brand new location to house all of my map art and other cultural artifacts. I am currently still constructing that base (I don't think it will ever be "done"). However, even I have suffered from the massive post-dupe stagnation of the server and have been finding myself logging in less and less. I generally have this kind of burn-out pattern with games though so although I might not be on much right now, there may be a time in the next few months where I'm on almost everyday again.

So this is my historical memory of the server thus far. Please feel free to ask questions about anything if you would like to Smile

I 100% agree On this the dupe fucked everything Its no longer fun like it used to be I wish I could go back to those good all days of Looking in the end for elytras and valuable items :c
A well written memoir... post moved to the history section.

Funny note about Jss leaving for good... he returned briefly during the donkey dupe to reveal the exploit in public chat, causing those who were already in the know to email Atar to get it patched.

I remember a rush of stress at this time knowing that I hadn't duped all the building blocks I wanted to... I frantically duped some diorite and granite but server was taken down for update before I could do andesite and stone.
"Complexity, is just a lot of Simplicity"
You did manage to dupe a lot of granite and diorite, I was using it at spawn the other day Tongue
help me change my tag
A good account Tristan. I really wished the Aether had worked out the first time, as not doing a big group base was my biggest regret of my time here. I loved that biome and we had some really good builders with us. If i knew the mesa was going to be the last base with that group, I definitely would have wanted to contribute more there.

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