Memes before the internet (personal memoir)
You kids today don't know how lucky you are...

Back in my day when I was at middle school, the internet existed but didn't yet have widespread use.

Memes were in short supply and hard to distribute. Sometimes we would get memes from films and tv but the only way to 'send' them was essentially to wait for the right social situation to come up IRL and then act it out on the spot.

But if your accent was wrong or people hadn't seen the film/show then you would look like a total pillock and receive actual awkward looks from the people around you.

Myself, I got my memes from books. I don't mean novels, I mean compilations of funny one-liners, anecdotes or whatever.

Then of course you'd write your meme out by hand. If it was a large complex meme like those flow chart things you'd write it at home. If shorter, then you could just remember it and write it out in class.

First meme I ever distributed was the "Dyslexics of the world... UNTIE!" one-liner.
Each person in the classroom would look at the note, smile, then pass it on... until it reached one girl. She didn't get it. Turned out she was actually dyslexic.

A couple of years later the internet arrived so we could send memes to each other by email or msn/aol messenger when we got home from school.

Nowadays of course there are an abundance of dedicated meme sites... just incase you didn't get enough memes from facebook. You can upload memes to the internet anonymously, or send a meme directly to someone's phone at any time!

Truly, you kids don't know how lucky you are!  Big Grin
"Complexity, is just a lot of Simplicity"
That site gave me virtual aids.

Thanks Chad
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LOL wtf Xavenian
"Complexity, is just a lot of Simplicity"
The first ever international meme.
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