Q's town suppliers
Hello everyone. 
This is QwQ_tw and I proudly present Q's town supplies. Q's town supplies is new store on the server. Although Q-town is claimed and cannot be griefed, all Q-town trades will happen at spawn. 

The currencies we accept are diamonds, emeralds, apples and redbacks.

We offer the following for sale:

God gear (mending book has to be given if you want mending on)
God tools(mending book has to be given if you want mending on)
Golden carrots
Golden apples (Apples have to be given)
Gold bars / nuggets

Sugar / sugar cane
Lava buckets

Obisidian (limited supply & high price)

Message me in game or on the forums for details, prices and orders.
ΞSBCΞ Come build with us on our next project! Check the subforum for more info!

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