Mod+/Admin on Rivendell.
Minecraft Username: Isaac12_

Age: 19

How long have you played Minecraft: I have been playing minecraft for 5 years now.

What brought you to MineTexas: I used to play alot Civ5 when civcraft was removed from shotbow, but then I heard from a friend of me that MineTexas has a civcraft server, and that's when I joined the server.

Prior Experience: I have played civcraft since shotbow before the custom gears, and I was mod on Singaming, and Grenard.

What makes you qualified to be a mod: I would like to become an admin on this server because I love watching people have fun and meeting new friend and just having fun, but .... There are bad sides to this.... There are hackers. So I think I have what it takes to become an admin and get rid of spammers, hackers and people who just make the place an un-pleasent place to be, I believe I can fix this. I am playing minecraft a lot when I don't have work to do.

Why you, and not anyone else: I have a high amount of experience with commands and plugins, I've been on the server a while and I am capable of answering any question asked by users. Like forementioned, I have lots of experience with commands and plugins, I chose to emphasize that because I feel it is very significant in my case

Languages you are fluent in: English, Swedish, Norwegian and Danish. I can use google translate if needed.
I know I can't be playing as an admin and i'm okay with that.
Accepted. You'll be a mod come the next phase, starting 11/17/17.
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