TRAINING MANUAL by DonaldTrumpForMC (Original)
NOTE: This manual is not to be thrown away, lost, or traded off. Keep on your person at all times!

In order to prevent any problems from arising, it is required that all trainees read through this manual COMPLETELY. With that out of the way, welcome to your new position as a member of Zineaon's line of defence!

SECTION 1: Security Procedures

As with any good military force, there needs to be a way for you to be able to operate in a way that both prevents, and guarantees that all non-enemy players are safe, and that you may be ready to attack when needed.

STEP 1: Whitelisting

All players not on the blacklist are to be added to the "friendly" list of any users of killaura.

STEP 2: 

Make sure that before entering battle, you have eaten at least one god apple, and are at full saturation/hunger. After this, you may draw your weapon. This is done to make sure you are as able-bodied as possible during a fight.

SECTION 2: Participation

All soldiers, although mainly security and defence, are also important for helping out the sever in general. When asked upon by a superior to assist someone in a test, or work on a task set by your commander, you should always agree, unless you have been told beforehand that you are not to leave your position. You will be compensated for participation.

SECTION 3: Equipment

Each member of the army is to wear at all times, a standard set of armour given to all members, and is not to remove it unless told by a superior. It is required to keep this on, to insure safety and effectiveness at all times. Removal of your gear will result in punishment.


It should be made clear that although you are a member of a fighting force, you are not above the law you protect. Killing is against code, and is only allowed upon those who are deemed enemies in your blacklist. Also, no stealing, griefing, or other crimes are allowed, unless instructions to do so are given by your superior officer, and only if reviewed with DonaldTrumpForMC. Failure to agree will result in immediate death and discharge from the militia. 


Now, doesn't it seem so much easier to be able to defend your country? We keep these laws and rules for the good of everyone, and to disobey is to destroy all that so many have worked so hard to make. You are an important part of the country, and the first line of defence against those who challenge it. 

President of Zineaon
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RIP the Government of Zineon
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what is this???
This, my friend, is a transcript of the book 'TRAINING MANUAL' by DonaldTrumpForMC. I've found the original copy of the book from over two years ago at a base of ChadDX's.
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The base of ChadDX... the one I shared with DeadOcelot back in the day a million out.
"Complexity, is just a lot of Simplicity"

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