- I think that trommels should be able to take other blocks than just stone, like sandstone and mesa blocks, since some people might place their civ in a mesa or a desert and won't reach stone until digging 10blocks down.

- Capitol town can have 10 trade goodies instead of 8, that would make the capitol more powerfull.

- A new government that gives more culture. 75% trade rate. 100% cottage rate. 95% upkeep rate. 50% growth rate. max tax rate 10%. culture rate 175%. hammer rate 125% and 85% beaker rate. Just an idea, you can change these %'s if you feel they should be higher/lower.

- Remove the item: Shield, elytra. Shields last phase took a big role as they blocked 100% damage, a Tier 4 sword would do 0 damage against you while blocking, same with arrow towers etc. Elytra, i forgot to test if they work but if they do they should be removed because you could easily fly over someone's trench with it.

- Make T2-T3 and T4 leather armor stronger, they are too weak in my opinion as you can be 2 hitted by a T4 sword, should atleast be 3 hits without any catalyst or more.
Ten blocks down is hardly that big of a deal. The trommel already takes all granite, andesite, and diorite as well.

Changing the number of trade good slots in the capitol would require reworking all the templates, but I will take it into consideration.

With all of the new structures around culture, and culture already being very easy to acquire, I don't think we need a new government for it. If anything, I would nerf culture growth rates.
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