Wonder Buffs
I understand Erigion has already made a post regarding wonder buffs but I don't see any updates on the wiki or new threads containing info on possible changes. I will be suggesting a list of changes to certain wonders: Colosseum, Globe Theatre, Colossus

If changes for wonders are already planned and underway, feel free to disregard this post. I simply ask a public post be made and/or the wiki be updated. Thanks!


+10 Happiness to town it is built in


1000coins/town per day

increase cost of building to 400,000 coins

Globe Theatre

Increases culture rate of town it is built in by 25%


Reduce happiness penalty from all sources (black smith, wars, residents) by 25%

Cost of building around 800,000


Remove the upkeep from close civilizations and instead change 5coins per chunk to 10-15
Noted, and partially implemented for next phase.
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