A Formal Complaint against KingranGZ
I was recently accused of "hacking" on the Rivendell Minetexas server by KingranGZ. I was mining the trench when KingranGZ suddenly accused me of cheating 30seconds after he joined into the server. The reasoning he said was because I simply 3 stacks of gold in my inv spread out into 12 slots.

Since I was mining my trench which is primarily occupied with mesa clay (which is not useful), i spread the gold I get into all the slots left over so I don't pick up any clay. The reason King accused me of hacking was simply that I spread these three stacks of gold apart.

After a brief discussion with king, he "let me go" saying he would require more proof of my innocence. I sent him a screenshot of my player inv + area around it. I am not surprised that King immediately tped to me after he spawned in as he used to be part of a rival civ against me before he became mod. In fact, on the first day King became mod, he immediately sent a tpa request to me as soon as I joined the server, but forgot that he could /tp as mod. (probably trying to see if I was cheating) 

I believe it is possible he may have a vendetta against me simply because I killed him several times in the past and am a rival civ leader to his friend cole478. All I ask is what the procedure is for accusation as he threatened to ban me if I didn't take a screenshot (which I did). Enclosed is a copy of the screenshot I sent king.

You may also ask me for a copy of the conversation we had and/or where king threatened to ban me if i didn't take a screenshot.

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Here is King's Threat.

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I want to report him to.
my alr/ brothers account got banned for afk auto mob farming With what Franco said "Killaura".
This is not true!
I asked him for evidence of the ban, he didn't want to give me any.
Banning like that will damage a community and should not be allowed.

I got tempbanned for 5h.
I'm sorry that i went hard on you john, but actions must be taken place to get the full scale picture of what is really happening. Because if i ask nicely you would think im just only joking around this is a serious offensive to the server because xraying has affected badly in the preview phases if you haven't noticed. As well for the part of my unfairness; Ataranlen is always receiving pictures of all the players i have reported, and always watching my actions in his logs when he gets the free time to be sure im being fair to every single players.

Future Reference here is a wonderful tool to use for screenshot: https://prnt.sc/
is free and unlimited pictures.

as well for you big i have reported all evidenced of your NoNo Actions in the past days since i been mod. Auto Mobs Kill Farm is not allowed the way you are doing it.
send me proof then?
could be my little brother farming for me
I'm done with KingranGZ and his unfair moderating, my civ, Canada, keep on giving him proof of JustLikeYou x-raying, in our borders, and in their borders and he keeps saying that it isn't good enough proof. One of my members caught one of them x-raying, but still not good enough proof.
We get it, you're against us and wish JustLikeYou to win alright, atleast try to not make it obvious.
I just got muted by him for saying : https://gyazo.com/38e5c5ca92b0dbe2de59f5be8f70157e and https://gyazo.com/fd28dc1858dcc341fa66ad9fee1b63d4 .
Everytime he gets on civ, my civ members are the first ones he teleports to, and he also asked me last week what I was saving up my money for since I wanted to use a higher level bank, I mean, why does he care about what i'm saving my money for? He's a supermod, not anything he should worry about, it's pretty easy to see who he is helping out.
The server used to have 20+ players daily, now there are only 1-10, most quit because of his stupid decisions.

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