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Thought that this should go here, one of the first books regarding Crimson made by Sursyot/MoonCoin- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xGhvzgn1zO4 Although Crimson was like any other frat in 2016, they controlled spawn for a majority of late 2016 and from 2017-2018 just after the June decay era. While many groups were left crippled and people quit the server from the dupe, Crimson paradoxically flourished at this time. Sursyot himself became inactive for the most part after the June decay era but members such as Itz__David, itsbowlingshoes, and later Mr. Celsius were very active and left virtually un-opposed by the server's regulars. Although the idea of Crimson was not very bad in what Sursyot intended it to be, the group was heavily influenced by 2b2t, and as such the group became the largest tumor the server has ever seen (as Suryot notices in the book). Crimson would constantly grief structures made by the SBC at spawn, highways, bases, and even managed to get their hands on the coords of a hidden path base left virtually untouched with an impressive map art build(all griefed of course). Old members such as MCChocolate and ChadDX were often discouraged from playing and even harassed. The group was obsessed with pvp, and didn't really care about the history side of things that much or anything else for that matter. I can personally attest to this time as being one of the least enjoyable points in Minetexas history, filled with toxicity and having a low of 0-3 people on at times. Itz__David and itsbowlingshoes once asked me "KitCat_lol, what are you doing here, the server is dead." Once more, a lot of kids started mimicking the behaviors of Crimson and Crimson kits were mass-distributed just before the last of them quit. In a weird way, Crimson's legacy lives on to this day, and has left a lasting influence on Minetexas Anarchy. Although I can't find any of the videos made by Sursyot, I know for sure itsbowlingshoes deleted his channel and Mr. Celsius deleted all his Minecraft videos as well, so yeah. Perhaps this time is best left forgotten, but figured I might as well mention it. Anyway, Crimson liked saying "EZ" a whole lot and I think its funny that atar made a /ez command  Tongue
found out about this the other day...
[Image: u2mui4l.png]
Pretty unique!
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