Poll: Who should be charged in relation to the swatting death?
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Gamer 1 who gave an address and a dare to swat
2 15.38%
Gamer 2 who gave that address to a known swatter and asked him to swat
2 15.38%
The Swatter who made the hoax call to the police
8 61.54%
The policeman who fired a single shot at the non-compliant man
1 7.69%
Total 13 vote(s) 100%
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Swatting death... who should be charged?
(01-12-2018, 08:48 AM)ChadDX Wrote: heh I was going to gradually imply that I'm him back in the day, 

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Conclusion (nearly)

Today the Swatter who made the hoax call to the police has been sentenced to 20 years in prison. I kinda feel that's a little steep, but not far off. I originally suggested 10 years, but the guy has shown little remorse so I'd up that to 15. USA prison sentences are longer on average tho.

The two idiots that fell out over a $1.50 wager on a call of duty game will be tried later this month. I feel this in itself is a perfect punishment... its over a year later and they've had this hanging over their heads all this time.

Turns out that "gamer 1" had actually given "gamer 2" his old address so he knew it was real and that someone probably lived there.

The police officer was not charged, and on reflection that's probably right as I bet he's been rethinking the moment of killing an innocent father in front his family (1 of which, an 18 year old girl committed suicide a year later).

The story actually gets worse as the boyfriend of that girl found her dead and committed suicide himself.

Bloody depressing. 3 deaths and a lot of ruined lives.
If this doesn't stop kids posting personal information of others online because they got mad playing a game I don't know what will.
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Oh yeah... I read 3 articles online to research the above post. By far the most sorry excuse of journalism was CNN who came out with this shit:

Quote:Swatting is the act of making a false police report -- usually of an urgent or violent crime -- to lure law enforcement or SWAT teams to a location.

An attorney for Barriss, Rich Federico, told CNN: "No comment."

That's it... they copied a dictionary definition of swatting into their article and mentioned that someone didn't actually make a comment. Didn't even say what their question was. Pathetic.
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Saw the shooting and I'm sorry but that was totally overkill. I've done an armed job before and had two separate incidents where I coulda killed both the idiots involved and I was much younger and less experienced than that guy.
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The family of the victim tried to sue the police officer... but in this situation I really think the police officer regrets it and the officer does not need punishment.

There is a serious problem with the culture of American police... in the sense that they operate very similar to a military. This is not the fault of the officers involved, its the fault of the system, which was influenced heavily by the lobbying efforts of large corporations.

In the UK there isn't a private prison lobby that pushes for longer sentences, or a gun lobby that promotes gun ownership.
As a result, when the UK police respond to a report, it isn't a life or death situation for either side. Normally in the UK, neither the police nor the criminal have a firearm.

I actually feel for the officer involved... he didn't do his job perfectly that day (I've done the same myself in the past, charging a guy his pin number for a fast food meal) and 3 people died. That sucks. The officer went there with 2 goals in mind: to support his family financially and to save another family from a hostage situation. I no longer think he should be charged.
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Doxxing is fun for the keks -no punishment should be given- only kek's
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You're right about the system. It's fucked. Q wtf man
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The person who made the request to the known swatter (gamer 2) pleaded guilty and received a 15 month prison sentence

The person who gave the false address and goaded the others to swat him (gamer 1) did not agree to the plea bargain and will face trial on 23rd April 2020. if convicted of all charges he could be looking at a penalty as high as 60 years in prison, which would be a little mad. Given that he thinks he's somehow innocent and not to blame for his role, i think he should have a higher penalty than gamer 2, but nowhere near 60 years thats more than the actual swatter got (20 years).

2nd update: the person who was facing 60 years if convicted, made a plea bargain.
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This video claims that in fact it was gamer 1 who gave the false address (of his own previous house) to the swatter, not gamer 2.

anyway, if you're interested in the story it's well worth a watch

Also wtf just read the updated wikipedia article and it says that the goader who provided the address didn't get jail time.
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2017_Wichita_swatting Wrote:Shane "Miruhcle" Gaskill,[6] 19; of Wichita, Kansas[7] (Sentenced to 2 years probation.)
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