An Admin too Far
I feel very uncomfortable with an admin building a civ and spawning in stuff in like a lvl 10 bank. This is a massive step towards admin abuse in my eyes.

If alloy decides he doesn't like me or likes theystolemyname alloy can easily allow them to use his op stuff creating a huge buff for there civ. not saying they will but its more that thin line being solely decided really by alloy. or even alloy accidentally leaving his doors open

if alloy wishes to play he should ask atar to be demoted to normal mod like madness and work like everyone else. or not run a civ.
Aloy Is building an Admin Civ that cannot participate in war, build wonders, or win. I'm not sure what the issue is, here.
if its admin why the need for a lvl 10 bank
There is not, and will not be a level ten bank.

There will be a bank building with the signs removed to prevent use by other players.
Quote:Aloyious is literally the spawn of Satan
Quote:at first i didnt think aloy was that bad but then he called me a weenie and made me cry
my issue is mainly to do with op buildings being spawned in
How is an Admin civ an issue? It's not like they will be competing with you for anything. And what sort of "OP" Buildings are you worried about?
I have resolved my issue with this as alloy has explained the buildings will not be functioning and are merely shells as well as a wall being built around the civ.

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