Admin policy and FAQ
Will you reset the map?
Ideally no.
There are two things that may cause the map to reset... one is me messing up with the original settings and it turns out that the game is really unbalanced. The other is the map becoming stale and the players ask for a reset to spice things up.

Will you rollback the server in case of duplication glitches being exploited
Absolutely. Also we'll be very slow to update to the next version to try avoid having to rollback.

Will you remove lavacasts?
I personally won't but Atar might

Will you moderate server chat?
Yeah... if a player is being particularly cancerous then they will be muted

Will you ban players?
Yes... permanent bans for anyone taking extreme actions such as DDoSing the server or Doxxing someone. Temp bans for anyone using a duplication glitch (including carpet dupe!)

Will you unclaim abandoned land?
Yes... if someone claims a premium chunk (say near spawn or on an axis) and other players complain about it being abandoned then yes it can be unclaimed. I'll compensate the claimer what they paid for the land and also not take any action for a good few months to give them time to come back.
If an active player has claimed a chunk just to hassle to other players then there's nothing wrong with that. That's part of the game.

Will you use your admin abilities to give another player items or money?
No! aside from compensating people who left the server for unclaiming their land, there will be no spawning of currency or items.
I will play this server on separate accounts, only using ChadDX for admin stuff

Will you build structures outside of the spawn area with /creative?
No. All builds will be vanilla

Will you change the rent price of the spawn safezone chunks?
yup... will try to raise prices so that a chunk or two is vacant

Will you create more safezone spawn chunks to rent if the existing ones get filled up?
No! there will always be 25 shop plots, that is the supply. Demand will surely change, and that will affect the price accordingly!

Will you protect the nearest End Portal?
"Complexity, is just a lot of Simplicity"
how much of this stuff will apply with the new economy server?

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